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   Chapter 348 Level Six Blade Intent (Part Two)

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"Yes, I am Austin," the warrior replied.

He spoke calmly and hardly showed any emotion.

"Hmmm. It seems that you are somewhat powerful. But anyway, how dare you offend the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley!

While our Chief Elder may not be ranked number one in cultivation accomplishments, he has served three heads of the Flaming Sun Valley and enjoyed a very honorable position in our valley. And because you offended our Chief Elder, you have annoyed all members of the Flaming Sun Valley.

So Austin, you are doomed to die!"

He made this declaration as coldly as he could without any expression, as if he cared about nothing except for the blade intent.

"However, before you die, I want you to know that I am Augustine, the principal disciple of the Flaming Sun Valley," he declared with a laugh. "Perhaps, young guys like you often hear about Frank of the Flaming Sun Valley, who stands out among the young generation of the Violet Orchid Empire. But his reputation is unearned, as he can only resist against three of my moves at most.

That is the best he can do."

Taken aback by the introduction, Austin mumbled to himself. 'He's Augustine of the Flaming Sun Valley? And Frank can only withstand three of his moves?'

Told about Frank of the Flaming Sun Valley, Austin was aware the guy was well-known among the Violet Orchid Empire's young generation. And it was a surprise to hear that Frank was only able to withstand three of Augustine's moves.

If this was true, Augustine's strengths might be extremely awesome.

And as Austin came to realize this, he looked even more serious.

But he laughed lightly as he said, "Well, what you mean is that you're the extraordinary talent in the Flaming Sun Valley.

And you also said you were going to kill me. Don't jump to conclusions so rashly. Now, it's still too early to predict who the winner will be," Austin said with confidence.

To be

Since Austin had cultivated the level four sword intent, he knew well that intent existed in a cultivator's soul, and fighters had to comprehend intent with their souls.

The Spiritual Sense Flying Needle was especially for attacking cultivators' Soul Sea, spiritual souls, and other souls.

After some thought, Austin concluded he would surely be able to weaken Augustine's blade intent by unexpectedly attacking his Soul Sea with Spiritual Sense Flying Needles as soon as he utilized his level six blade intent. In this way, the only possible way for Augustine to fight was using his level five or even level four blade intent.

In terms of sword intent, this would put Austin on a par with Augustine. Then, Austin wouldn't be under the control of Augustine's level six blade intent.

After more pondering, Austin suddenly thought of how to fight his opponent and gain confidence.

It was at this moment that Augustine abruptly soared and his steel blade flickered.

The action stunned Austin.

Suddenly, he heard a very loud booming sound.

It came from a streak of thundering light that emitted from Augustine's steel blade.

The streak of light flashed swiftly and violently with great force, slicing through the air as if cutting bamboo and grass.

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