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   Chapter 347 Level Six Blade Intent (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6580

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Someone moved swiftly like lightning on the mountainous road that led to the imperial capital city.

That person was Austin.

It had been a day since he parted ways with the two young ladies who traveled along the main road.

The young warrior chose to walk down the narrow country road. He and the ladies were headed towards the same destination but were on different paths that did not overlap.

To determine his progress, Austin consulted someone and learned that at that point, he was neither near nor far from the imperial capital city.

If he walked at his regular pace, it would take ten days to reach the imperial capital city.

But the young fighter was not in a hurry to reach the city. Besides, the long journey gave him the opportunity to cultivate his Wind-commanding Skill.

Previously, Austin spent dozens of days solely to understand this skill. Now, he was able to stride forward and reach a distance of 100 meters. In battles, a walking speed at this rate gave Austin a considerable advantage.

Still, this walking speed was far below the maximum speed that one could realize by cultivating the Wind-commanding Skill. Deep inside, it was clear to Austin that it was possible for him to reach 200 or even 300 meters with one stride as long as he mastered the last two steps of this skill.

On this mountainous road, nothing but a person galloping like a steed was seen moving. He was walking so fast that it seemed as if he was flying. As Austin practiced, the only things left in his wake were swirls of dust and intermittent shadows.

Many times, some countryside villagers suddenly felt a figure flashing past them while they walked the fields. That blur of movement often had them thinking there was something wrong with their vision.

But by the time they finished rubbing their eyes to check if they were hallucinating, the vision had already disappeared.

Some of the villagers were frightened by this because they

e blade light as they cut through the skin all over his body unceasingly.

It's a good thing that Austin was now at the third level of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, so he was firmer and stronger. He had also cultivated the Golden Sun Scripture, so the light golden vital energy in his body was overbearing and potent, being mightier than the vital energy refined by normal cultivators.

Stifled by the level six blade intent, the dazzling light ball in Austin's elixir field, which was as big as half a watermelon, sensed the imminent threat. Suddenly, there was a humming sound. Then, surges of pure vital energy were being transferred to Austin's limbs and all the rest of his body.

Then, without notice, all energy from the intense blade intent that hovered over Austin was diffused.

At the same time, Austin's level four sword intent was brought into play to aid his counterattack. As soon as he drew this out, the blade intent around his body completely disappeared.

Finally, the level six blade intent no longer overpowered Austin. It meant nothing to the warrior.

"You are Austin!" the young man in black scoffed.

The tone of his voice was very condescending. He sounded like an emperor, who felt it was degrading to speak to a person who was far inferior to he was.

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