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   Chapter 346 The Heartbreak Of Losing One's Beloved Grandson

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Although both the maidens and Mike wished Austin could go with them to the Imperial City, Austin clearly knew that the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team were trying every possible mean to hunt him down.

After some consideration, Austin decided to send two corpse generals to escort them. They would undoubtedly be safe under the protection of those two since no Mysterious Realm master could rival with their power.

Every Mysterious Realm warrior was a respectable leader in a sect or a group. They had no reason to harm them.

Austin planted an idea into the two corpse generals' Soul Sea––they should shield the three from any harm and at any cost. After that, he bade them farewell and went on his way with Violet.

Meanwhile, the maidens and Mike went on their way immediately that night, getting away from C Village––a horrible place full of corpses.

When they arrived at a small town the next morning, Mike hired some servants and Energy Gathering Realm warriors at a very high price.

He also hid the two corpse generals in one of the carriages before continuing their journey. . .

After Austin and the carriages had gone away, one corpse, among all the dead ones, stood up with blood all over his face. It was really terrifying.

"Lucky me! I was born with my heart on my right chest. Otherwise, I will be sent to hell by the fierce sword-light.

Who would expect Austin, a very young lad, to be so powerful? I am nineteen years old, and I have been chosen by the senior executives as a prospective elite to train.

Surprisingly, Austin, young as he is, is so powerful that even I cannot ward off one of his sword-lights. It is too embarrassing!

Well, I better go back immediately. I'll be rewarded if I report his trace to the leaders."

The corpse struggled to get on his feet while muttering to himself under the moonlight. He stared at the direction at which Austin had gone away.

It turned out that the man's heart was in his right chest. Though Austin's sword-light hit him directly on his left chest, he just blacked out and was lucky enough to escape from being killed.

He stopped muttering and left C Village like a ghost––a specter who was the sole survivor of the whole Blood Wolf Team in that place.

A couple of hours later, Abbott, who was sitting inside the headquarters of the Blood Wolf Team, wore a gloomy face. His eyes were full of anger and almost could be used to kill people.

For several days, the Blood Wolf Team had sent out most of their elites to hunt down Austin, but he vanished like a phantom to nowhere and left no trace at all.

Ever since Abbott was put in charge of the Blood Wolf Team, it instituted their rise to fame in the entire Violet Orchid Empire––to a point where it could be even compared with the five famous sects.

Consequently, Abbott garnered more and more re

iority to assassinate Austin.

Next, we will send every one of the Blood Wolf Team, including us, to hunt him down!"

"Additionally, send a message for Dwayne, the Chief Elder of Flaming Sun Valley, that Austin is heading to the imperial capital city. Tell them to ambush him along the way if they track him down. I wonder how he will be able to survive such siege!"

Apparently, there were no objections among the rest of them. For a long time, Abbott had enjoyed the full power of his leadership in the Blood Wolf Team. What's more, his analysis of the situation was totally right and reasonable. . . .

Flaming Sun Valley, now on its spring season, was a quiet and peaceful valley. One could smell the scent of flowers and hear the soothing hums of the birds. The spring brought a magnificent scenery with nature at its liveliest form.

However, a heartbroken old man was burning joss paper in front of a lonely tomb, as if the air around him was gloomy amidst the bright sunshine of spring.

"Raymond, every generation of our house, only had one son. It has been five generations. You were the only heir.

I never thought that bastard Austin would dare to kill you, the only heir of our house.

My hatred towards him is a blazing fire which can never be put out even by all the rivers and seas in the world.

That son of a bitch made me go through the pain of losing my beloved grandson!

Ah, I swear! I will hunt him down and tear him apart!"

The old man, who was crying with great sorrow, was Dwayne, the Chief Elder of Flaming Sun Valley.

Around the same time, a disciple was rushing into the valley.

"Chief Elder, Chief Elder! We received a word from the Blood Wolf Team that they have tracked Austin's trace."

"Really? They have found Austin?"

"Well, well, well. Such great news. Ha-ha! Look at what fate brought you, Austin. I will definitely tear you apart!"

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