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   Chapter 345 Let's Go To The Imperial Capital City Together

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Violet, with all her will and power, defeated all the cultivators of the Energy Gathering Realm in the Blood Wolf Team.

Everyone knew that speed was the strength of the nine-tailed demon fox. Although Violet was not as fast as Austin for the time being, it was still impossible for those cultivators to escape her.

"Oh, my God! We're so lucky to have come across you today, young man. Otherwise, I can't imagine what would have happened to my two young ladies," Mike sighed. He was overcome with emotion.

Seeing that all the members of the Blood Wolf Team had died, Mike knew that the unexpected disaster was finally over. A feeling of relief and gratefulness for having survived came over him.

Of course, he knew very well that it was this young man who got them through this catastrophe.

"That's very kind of you, Mike. I have not yet thanked you for the delicious meal the two ladies had prepared for me earlier today."

"You must be kidding. With your skills, you must be blessed with plenty of good fortune. That meal was probably nothing compared to all the blessings you already have."

Mike knew that Austin had the cultivator base of the premium stage of the Earth Realm. This meant that he could be the backbone of any force and that he should never be regarded as a poor man.

Austin flashed him a vague smile. With regard to wealth, he really was rich. After all, there were tens of millions of vital energy crystals in his Space Ring.

"By the way, little beggar, how come you suddenly showed up in this village in the middle of the night?"

The voice came from inside one carriage. It was the girl in red. She still addressed Austin as 'little beggar'.

Upon hearing the nickname, Austin coughed slightly.

Although he felt helpless, he could not argue with an innocent girl.

"I'm on my way to the imperial capital city. I'm just passing through this road," he replied.

"What? Little beggar, are you saying you are going to the imperial capital city? What a coincidence! We are also heading that way! Why don't we go together?"

Both girls were overjoyed. They looked expectantly at Austin through the window, waiting for an answer.

"Young man, are you

d like rotting corpses.


Terrified by the two ghoulish forms now standing in front of them in the moonlight, the two girls turned pale. They ran behind Mike as their piercing screams echoed briefly through the night.

Even Mike was startled. He instantly became more vigilant.

"What do you mean, young man?"

"Oh, easy, easy. Don't panic. They only do my bidding. They'll never hurt you without my permission.

You can hide them in one of your carriages on your way to the imperial capital city. With them escorting you, no one can hurt long as you don't encounter cultivators of the Mysterious Realm."

"Oh? Really?"

Hearing Austin's explanation, the two girls and Mike instantly breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"Little beggar, are these two really that powerful?" the girl in red asked.

Mike looked at the two corpse generals. Their scarlet eyes looked hauntingly cold and gloomy, which could be frightening for many people. He had a slight feeling that they owned matchless strength.

"Yes! Let me put it this way; if I fight them, I may have some trouble defeating them."

Austin answered with a chuckle.


They're amazing!"

The girls and Mike were surprised at the two corpse generals' supposed strength. They had no idea how powerful these two seemingly dreadful things could be. With the protection of this enchanted pair, they were confident of their safe arrival in the imperial capital city.

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