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   Chapter 344 My Master Is Born Amazing

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He had presumed that beating Austin would be a piece of cake, what with him being the master of the medium stage of the Earth Realm in Blood Wolf Team. Unfortunately, he had grossly underestimated his opponent. Not only did Austin defeat him, he actually executed him with just one blow to his chest.

All the disciples standing around were astonished at the sudden turn of events.

As they made sense of the events, a voice rang out in the crowd.

"Hey, you! How dare you kill Fred right in front of me? The sheer audacity! You've killed too many of the Blood Wolf Team. You need to be put in your rightful place, now. Enough is enough! You are dead.

Guards, take the two girls and the old one away. As for this little bastard, I'll deal with him myself."

The fifth Wolf General ordered loudly. Austin had tested his patience one too many. He had to be killed.

The disciples of Blood Wolf Team gathered together in a crowd, safely protected by their size as well as the anonymous nature of a crowd.

"Come on, you fools! You'll all be dead today anyway! Fight like you belong to the Blood Wolf Team!"

Austin had already told Violet with his mind to protect the two girls who were sitting inside the carriage. Violet had promptly appeared beside the carriage with a green light, ready for combat.

Austin laughed loudly as if mocking the fifth Wolf General. He then drew his sacred long sword out and activated it. He pushed the sword forward with his internal force and let it take up its own momentum. Immediately more than thirty sword-lights rushed out towards the enemy ready to turn them into ashes.

Every single sword-light was filled of Austin's powerful vital energy force.


"Ah, ah!"

The disciples screamed in agony when they were inflicted by the inescapable sword-lights.

A dozen of disciples in the cultivation base of the Energy Gathering Realm were killed instantly.

He, the fifth Wolf General didn't expect Austin to have such an impact. Countless men were killed in a matter of moments. Austin was getting onto his nerves, and the fifth Wolf General was desperate to retort with vengeance.

"Little bastard, how dare you? You'll go straight to hell! Die, asshole!"

He shouted, and then raised his hand. At the same time, a blood-red, monstrous wolf claw appeared over

have the power of spiritual sense, so their spiritual souls were hit fiercely, and they lost their consciousness when Austin's flying needles stroke them.

Austin activated illusory swordsmanship and more than thirty rays of sword-lights shot towards them.

With their screeches, each of them was hit by more than ten sword-lights, and blood gushed out from the holes the sword-lights got through.

"Hey, man Thank you for saving me."

Mike was extremely grateful. After all, he was almost killed by the three disciples of preliminary stage.

He thought that nothing would be able to save him and he sure as hell hadn't expected Austin to come and defeat them as if it was child's play to him.

Mike was impressed by Austin's fierce power.

He stood up with some effort, and as soon as he turned around he saw a man lying in the dust. He immediately recognized that it was the fifth Wolf General.

'Holy shit!

In a short span of time, he had killed three preliminary stage disciples of Blood Wolf Team.

And one of the Wolf Generals was also killed, too. What a merciless boy he is!' Mike thought.

"Hey, kid, how can ... how did you?" Mike couldn't finish his question.

The two girls in the carriage, one in red and the other in white, had seen all that had happened. They too were dumbfounded when they saw Austin killing people, cutting them apart like they were vegetables. They looked at him with admiration and shouted, "Hey, beggar boy, well done! Bravo!"

And a voice said, "Well, my master was born amazing!"

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