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   Chapter 343 To Kill With One Strike

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9610

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"Shut up! I don't care who you are. I'm the Wolf General of the Blood Wolf Team. I showed mercy to you and tried to let you go, but you wasted the opportunity.

You're a good vital energy refiner. Though you're young, you are at the premium stage of Earth Realm.

Still, don't you dare think that you can challenge the members of our Blood Wolf Team.

We have at least more than ten cultivators at the Mysterious Realm.

Besides, I don't think you can reach the premium stage of Earth Realm at such a young age as yours. You must have taken many elixirs to help you get a breakthrough and reach this realm," the man said in contempt.

With a wave of his hand, he gave a snort and went on, "Even without the help from our powerful cultivators at the Mysterious Realm, I can take you down without any difficulty.

So, remember you should not mess with any member of the Blood Wolf Team.

That's all I want to tell you. Keep it in mind as a warning. It's up to you now. You can choose to stay here further or leave."

'Well, how surprising! I never thought that things would take such a turn. This man is the Wolf General of Blood Wolf Team. I already took care of the other wolf generals earlier, and I wouldn't mind killing another one. He is digging his own grave, ' Austin thought in scorn.

The Wolf General's advice and threat didn't work on Austin. Instead of getting scared, the young lad studied the Wolf General from head to toe. 'I'm going to take his life. I'm sure Abbott would be pissed off after he learns about his underlying's death. What would he do?' Austin thought, smiling to himself.

"What? Little Beggar, you... you reached the premium stage of the Earth Realm?"

"Little Beggar! Are you also a cultivator?"

Female voices full of astonishment and disbelief resonated from the carriage and reached Austin's ears. The maid in red and the maid in white seemed to be thunderstruck by this revelation.

Austin burst into laughter as if he had heard a ridiculous and hilarious joke.

"You must be kidding!? Interesting. Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

You're the Wolf General of Blood Wolf Team, yet you allow me to leave! Does that really make any sense? Don't be ridiculous. Have you forgotten your task?"

"Our task?" the Wolf General repeated, stunned at Austin's words.

He started to think about his mission. 'What was this guy talking about?'

"That's none of your business. You...? Are...... you.... Austin?"

The thought suddenly occurred to the Wolf General that the lad standing before him might be the one person whom the whole Blood Wolf Team hated the most.

With a frown on his face, he whipped out a scroll. He keenly looked at the portrait under the light of the torch. He realized everything now.

"I see. So, you are Austin!

Attention guys! He is the one we are after.

t me dead, while I want you to die. Watch out! I'll kill all your men."

He started his Wind-commanding Skill. The next second, he stopped in front of Fred. With a wave of his arm, he gave Fred a punch carrying 4, 000 kilograms of force in the chest.

All of it happened so fast that the rest of the men didn't see or realize that Austin had moved an inch. Neither did Fred.

At present, Austin's single stride was up to 100 meters. So it was a piece of cake for him to take a step forward and reach Fred who was a mere six meters away from him.

Without even realizing that the enemy was before him, Fred was displaying his best skill—the Lightning Strike—to end Austin's life while lost in his own thoughts. 'This time, most of our top cultivators were sent to carry out a mission. Now that I'm going to take Austin down, I'll take the credit. What a day!' He was so happy that he almost laughed with joy and pride.

However, things didn't go his way. Out of the blue, he was struck with an enormous power, and the next second, he saw a fist coming at him. His eyes dilated in shock.

It happened so quickly that Fred didn't get a chance or moment to defend himself.


A loud noise resounded in the air and reached everyone's ears.

With eyes wide-open in shock, Fred took the blow. A deep hole appeared in his chest where the fist had landed.

Blood started to fill his mouth and trickled down lips and chin.

"It happened so fast!"

Those were the few words Fred was able to utter. Like a deflated balloon, he fell on the ground breathless.

Austin had made only a single move, and got rid of his attacker.

He had beaten a cultivator who was at the medium stage of the Earth Realm with only one strike.

The crowd present there stood still after they saw Austin bring Fred down effortlessly. He had done it with so much ease as though he just swatted a fly.

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