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   Chapter 342 You Are Pretty Handsome (Part Two)

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He gritted his teeth and cultivated another vital energy palm, and it attacked the headman again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They had battled three palms together. Mike's face was deadly pale with all the vital energy depleting from his body. He panted strenuously and spit out blood. Using too much vital energy had taken a toll on his body and strength.

"Mike, just give up and leave now! We won't let this asshole humiliate us. We'd rather die right now than live without dignity! Don't worry about us!"

The two girls, one in a red dress, the other in white, both cried.

"You want to kill yourselves? Continue dreaming! I'll kill you, old donkey!"

the headman shouted and degraded Mike even more. He was furious to hear that the two sisters would commit suicide. Suddenly, he activated all the vital energy in his body and released the power in the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

A bloody wolf claw materialized and leaped forward, creating a sharp noise. With enormous power, it charged at Mike's head directly.

"Brother, I'm sorry! I'm not able to safely protect the ladies. I'm so sorry for it!" Mike murmured.

Then he roared and cultivated a palm with all the might left in him. Once again, he smashed on the headman.

"Mike, watch out!"

the two ladies screamed from the carriage.

They were clearly aware of the difference in power between the two, and that Mike might die with that blow.

The headman had decided to kill Mike as soon as possible to get the two beautiful ladies. If they would commit suicide, then all their efforts would be in vain. He must kill Mike with one last blow!


A loud blare of things crashing together filled the entire area.

'What happened?

Why don't I feel hurt at all?

Did someone take the strike for me?'

Mike thought to himself when he felt no pain at all. After the blare, he touched his body and surprisingly found that he was still alive. He slowly opened his eyes in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the headman of the Blood W

red in amusement.

"Ahem- Ahem-"

Austin didn't know how to answer such praises from a beautiful lady. That was the first time that someone praised his appearance.

But today, when he met the two ladies at the hotel, he was in a terrible condition. His clothes were ragged, and he was dirty all over––no wonder they thought of him as a beggar.

He had a good shower and a change of new clothes. Even though he might not be very handsome now, he was clean and decent compared to before.

There was a striking contrast between his appearance from when they met and now. Therefore, the girl thought that he was much handsomer than he actually was.

"Little beggar, why are you here? It's dangerous to stay here. Go quickly!"

the white-dressed girl said urgently. She was elder than her sister, so she was more aware of the danger that they were faced with. She didn't want one more innocent person to die with them.

Her words reminded the girl in red dress, and the latter panicked.

"She's right! Little beggar, just leave now. It's very dangerous!"

the girl in red also reminded him, with genuine concern dripping from her tone.

Austin felt touched with their worries. How kindhearted the two ladies were! Even though they were in a grave situation, they still cared about other people's lives beyond themselves!

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