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   Chapter 341 You Are Pretty Handsome (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6995

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The head of the Blood Wolf Team crowd stood with his hands clasped behind his back, staring and grinning at Mike and the two young girls who were whispering at each other.

The crowd of the Blood Wolf Team was laughing and threatening the three, with some of them even making nasty remarks about the two girls. They acted like ruthless predators who would always play with their prey before they finally devour them.

The guards who were employed to protect the three, however, were all scared––even trembled in fear as they nervously looked at the crowd. Lacking the courage to pick up their weapons, they stood cowardly like helpless lambs ready to be slaughtered.

"Dear friends from the Blood Wolf Team! I understand that you come to us for money! How about this––we give you half of our property loaded in the carriage and share them as a gift?

Our two ladies are the disciples of Ms. Xiao from the Flower Blooming Sect. Our journey is bound to the imperial capital city to visit a relative. Dear friends, I hope that you can let us go for the sake of the Flower Blooming Sect," Mike said respectfully, clasping his hands and bowing to the head of the crowd. He was hopeful of bargaining for their safety.

"Ha-ha! It turns out the girls are from the Flower Blooming Sect! I heard that the disciples of that sect are all girls and that they are extremely beautiful! I didn't believe it until today. They are indeed, beautiful!

What a lucky day for me to gaze upon the infamous beautiful ladies of the famous Flower Blooming Sect. Such a great day! I must have a taste of their 'flowers'!"

The headman mockingly laughed at Mike's words, and as if it was not enough disgrace, he went on and spit nasty remarks to the women of Flower Blooming Sect.

Mike immediately paled with fright. It seemed that he could not negotiate their way out. The man was not afraid of the Flower Blooming Sect at all, and in fact, he was more delighted to meet the women from their sect.

"Stop blabbering nonsense! I'm going to sleep with the two beautiful ladies right now.

All of

ladies were in it. How could he let them go? He leaped forward, and soon stood between the two horses, patting their heads and trying to get hold of the two animals.

Neigh! Neigh!

The two horses whinnied and struggled to get rid of his hands. However, the headman was too strong that the horses were unable to move forward.

Boom! Boom!

With explosive sounds, the two horse heads were blasted out. Their blood and flesh turned into ashes and flew in the air like fireworks. It was an extremely horrible sight to behold.

"Fuck off!"

Without any hesitation, Mike rushed towards the man and cultivated a giant earthy yellow palm in his vital energy. Contained with great power, the palm charged towards the man fiercely.

It seemed that Mike was best at palm skills.

"Insignificant skill!"

the headman blurted out. Even though Mike charged at him, he neither dodged nor used a special defense––he just waited. When Mike's giant palm came close, he raised his right hand and smacked the vital energy palm.

Bang! The giant palm was utterly smashed in just a clash.

The headman was capable of overcoming Mike in terms of vital energy, so he didn't need to use other superior skills.

Mike knew that he was no match to the headman. But caught in a situation like that, he couldn't give up or shy away; otherwise, the two ladies would fall into despair.

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