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   Chapter 340 Blood Wolf Team's Martial Artists In Earth Realm (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5821

Updated: 2019-07-05 00:13

said a young man coming from behind. He was dressed really nicely as he walked slowly. The smirk on his face showed his confidence. It seemed that he was sure that his people would win this fight and he had everything under his control.

The man was around his twenties. He had a very handsome face and his hands were empty. From the proud look on his face and the unique aura around his body, one could easily tell that his cultivation base was strong.

If there was at least something to be considered as an imperfection on his face, it would be his very thin lips. They were too thin that it made him look cruel and heartless.

He didn't even attempt to hide. He confidently stepped to the place where the fire was lit and showed everyone who he was. He didn't look like he was here to rob since he didn't even hide his identity. That was simply not the way normal robbers do their thing.

"Blood Wolf Team! They are the people of the Blood Wolf Team! I recognized the wolf head on his clothes!"

"Yes! I have met the people from the Blood Wolf Team before. The wolf head is their symbol!". ..

Some of the martial artists protecting the carriages immediately recognized the bloody wolf's head on the man's clothing.

Panic instantly came to them and their faces showed how frightened they were. The Blood Wolf Team was famous for its cruelty in the Violet Orchid Empire.

The Blood Wolf Team would not leave one person alive when they started a fight!

Everyone in the Blood Wolf Team was heartless and cruel. Worse, they were all powerful and stronger than normal. Everyone in the team had at least killed an innocent person. Their hands were all bloody and they were proud of that.

"Ha ha! It looks like you've

t you go for the sake of the Flower Blooming Sect. I don't think that this would make a difference though. I heard that the Bloody Wolf Team and the Flower Blooming Sect haven't been on good sides. Thus, I don't think that the Blood Wolf Team would care.

However, there's no other way. We have to grab this last chance!

I was saved by your father. How can I face him in the underworld if I can't even protect you two?"

Sadness was dripping from Mike's voice. One deep sigh and he was ready to face his own ending. His words were emotional and moving.

"Mike, how can we watch you die protecting us all by yourself? We will stay here and fight with you! We are in level 8 of the Energy Gathering Realm. We can help!" said the girl dressed in white.

Austin silently nodded in agreement.

It seemed that the two young girls were quite brave and humble. They didn't want to see others sacrifice themselves for them.

"Masters, please don't say anything more. If it weren't for your father, I would have already been dead a long time ago. I'm lucky to have lived this long."

Mike's tone was determined. He already made up his mind.

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