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   Chapter 339 Blood Wolf Team's Martial Artists In Earth Realm (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6210

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It was midnight. Austin was following the group of carriages of the two girls. They were heading to C Village. The whole village was tranquil when they came and the only source of light for everyone were the few weakly lighted lamps scarcely scattered in the darkness. Thus, it was easy to tell that there were people in this village.

Following Mike, they all walked along the main street of that place. They could only hear the sound of carriages moving forward and occasional neighs of horses. Their arrival was like a stone being thrown to a tranquil lake as it broke the dead silence of the village.

Austin was secretly tailing them as he walked behind the houses.

Not long after, more than ten people of the Blood Wolf Team also arrived at the village entrance. They got off their horses and tied the animals on trees outside the village. Then using their skills, they silenced their steps and entered the village too.

Austin was immediately lost in thought as soon as he stepped into the place. Millions of things suddenly flooded his mind before he mumbled, "There's something wrong about this village!"

He took a deep breath and smelt the faint scent of blood in the air. He couldn't be wrong, it was human blood! It was obvious that someone got killed in here.

Did it just happen today?

They walked along the quiet main street and didn't even try to hide. However, it was odd that there wasn't even one person coming out of their house to greet them or ask about why they were there in such unholy hour. Weird. Had everyone in this village fallen into a deep sleep? Wasn't there anyone in this village who was still awake?

The silence was too uncomfortable. There wasn't even any barking dogs nor cloaking chickens. It was absolutely not normal.

Moreover, the weak lights they saw when they were still outside the villa

t from all directions.

Every one of them had an evil glint in their eyes as they kept talking crudely. In the blink of an eye, the group of carriages was surrounded by these men.

"Raiders! Protect the carriages!"

The appearance of the raiders alerted the martial artists with the carriages. They all shouted and positioned themselves next to every carriage.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you rob us in the midnight! Do you have any idea who our young masters are?"

Mike walked towards them and asked using his vital energy force to speak. His voice was as loud as thunder that it even made the houses shake a little.

Mike was from the medium stage of Earth Realm. Frankly speaking, he was quite good at martial arts. It was obvious that the group of people wanted to rob them. However, he had hired a lot of good martial artists with them to protect the goods and the two girls. It was the main reason why he wasn't nervous at all. He was more than sure that they would win.

"Ha! I don't give a damn who your masters are! I just know that your masters will soon be naked with us. I will surely take good care of your young masters for you. The more high-status your masters are, the more fun it will be!"

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