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   Chapter 337 Two Beautiful Girls (Part Two)

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Since Austin had met the members of the Blood Wolf Team several times before, he could easily recognize them after seeing the crimson wolf head embroidered on the corner of their clothes.

He quickly hid in the crowd and pretended to be a spectator.

More than ten members of the Blood Wolf Team were here now and they rushed past the crowded street on horseback without any qualms. Everyone on the street had to run away as soon as possible when they saw them. If someone was a little slow to move to the side, the men of the Blood Wolf Team would lash them cruelly with the horsewhip.

Deterred by their cruelty, nobody in the crowd dared to speak up against them even though they were furious at being treated this way.

Austin knew the Blood Wolf Team well and guessed that they had come here looking for him. Anyway, he had hidden well enough, so he wasn't worried about being found by them.

After the men from the Blood Wolf Team passed by, Austin began to walk along the street.

Soon, he found a restaurant that he liked and stepped into it without any hesitation.

At that moment, he heard a beautiful voice.

"Wow, elder sister, look! It's him! It's the beggar who we saw on the road today. He is begging for food here. What a poor man he is! Look, his clothes are worn and his face is black. He must have been hungry for a very long time."

It was the voice of the girl from the carriage who had thought that Austin was a beggar.


Austin raised his head and looked in the direction of the voice.

He found two beautiful young women sitting in a compartment by the window. One of them was wearing red and the other was wearing white.

The girl in red looked about 16 or 17 years old, with a round face and arched eyebrows. Her clear eyes were sparkling with innocence, making her look particularly cute.

Her smooth skin was as white as winter snow. Alt

ing for food all the way. I don't know where I come from," Austin replied roughly.

"Wow, what a poor man you are!"

The girl in red sighed. She had an urge to flick away the dust on him, but she didn't because she didn't want to dirty her hand. Instead, she frowned.

"Well, here you are! You can eat the roast chicken right here."

Austin frowned. 'She's asking me to eat by the door?

Wow, she's really treating me like a beggar.'

"Sue, don't do that! You should be polite!"

The girl in white had come over to personally see what was happening.

"Sue, even though he's a beggar, you shouldn't treat him like that. It will hurt him! He is confident and has self-respect, can't you see? He doesn't like to be treated like a beggar," the girl in white hastily whispered to the girl in red.

"Yes, the little beggar doesn't like to be called a beggar. You're right. I do seem to have hurt him. What should I do? Elder sister, can you help me?"

"Of course. How about asking him to eat with us at the table instead of by the door?"

The girl in white suggested after some hesitation.

"Okay! I agree!"

The girl in red nodded immediately. It didn't cross her mind that it would be inappropriate to eat at the same table as a beggar.

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