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   Chapter 336 Two Beautiful Girls (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6501

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After more than ten days of hard work, Austin had mastered an important part of martial arts after leaving the Ghost Valley. Now, he could leap as far as 100 meters in an instant, so people would just see a blur when he moved.

However, although Austin had made such an incredible achievement, he didn't know what to do next to progress. He knew that a warrior should try to improve step by step instead of being anxious to achieve quick success while practicing martial arts, so he stopped trying to further his progress and relaxed a little.

"Where am I?"

Now that he finally stopped practicing, he realized that he was in unfamiliar surroundings. After more than ten days of running, all he knew about this place was that it was far away from Ghost Valley.

He knew he was getting closer to imperial capital city, but he had no idea how much longer he had to travel.

Just then, Austin heard a sound coming from behind and turned around.

A few moments later, a troop of luxurious carriages came into view.

With curious eyes, he stepped back to the side of the road to let the carriages pass.

There were over ten carriages in total and surrounding each carriage were several strong warriors equipped with swords. The warriors were all riding on horses and it was obvious that they were responsible for the safety of the people in the carriages. Sand and dust flew as they rushed forward.

When the warriors noticed Austin, they looked at him carefully, but Austin didn't give any response. He just stood still with a calm expression on his face.

As expected, the warriors didn't figure out who Austin was or how powerful he was.

Ever since Austin learned how to change aura from Violet, he hid his real cultivation base of vital energy most of the time because he knew the importance of caution when living in the real world. He didn't want to let anyone know his real power easily.

The middle-aged warrio

the night sky. On the mist-covered waters, some gifted young men were reciting poems as beautiful young girls paddled the boats. The scene looked like a pleasing picture in the dim light of the night. The air was thick with the scent of rouge and powder used by young women and it filled everyone with joy.

'What a prosperous town this is! People here must be very rich. It's not inferior in any respect to Peace Town, ' Austin thought to himself.

However, the prosperity of the town didn't attract him at all because he had made up his mind to make some achievements in martial arts. For Austin, such prosperity would be special only for a little while. After that, he would get bored with it.

Just then...

"Clatter, clatter..."

"If you want to live, get lost. Damn! Are you deaf?

Stop blocking my way!"

Austin heard the sound of horses approaching. When he turned around to see what was happening, he was astonished.

Dozens of men were riding toward him on horses from the other end of the street. One of the horsemen held up his whip and lashed heavily at an old man who couldn't run to the side of the street fast enough. The old man was knocked onto the street side. No one could tell if he was dead or alive.

These men were from the Blood Wolf Team!

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