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   Chapter 335 Subduing Ten Corpse Generals (Part Two)

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As a matter of fact, Austin had deeply understood that the better his bodily movement skill was, the more powerful he would be as he cultivated the Wind-commanding Skill.

Powerful strength did matter when fighting with rivals. If, however, there was someone who had a refined bodily movement skill, he could be more powerful and could easily catch up with the rivals' attack.

Austin was quite sure about it. He could survive the battles of the past and beat the rivals just by using the Wind-commanding Skill, whose overwhelming power could conquer everything.

Luckily, the bodily movement skill of the Wind-commanding Skill was one of Austin's strengths. And that could possibly be what would help him win in the end.

However, Austin realized that the Wind-commanding Skill he was cultivating was still far from the Major Achievement Stage. And he had not yet reached the Medium Achievement Stage. There was still a long way to go, even for the Minor Achievement Stage.

After a few days of walking and running, Austin had found the most effective way to use his vital energy properly. He had also mastered a way to connect his bodily movement skill with the winds around him, using them to speed him up, and to maximize even the smallest amount of vital energy, to help him reach his highest speed.

When appreciating the Wind-commanding Skill, Austin looked bewildered, like a puppet and one without a heart, but feet moving all the time.

From time to time, he ran more than ten miles to the east or turned around to walk more than ten miles southward. And then he headed to the west or to the north. He kept changing his speed and directions along the way, climbing mountains or crossing rivers.

Now and then, he headed into a tree or toppled into a puddle, emerging messy and shabby, but he paid no attention at all.


Finally, Austin slowed down and took a heavy breath. A smile at the corners of his mouth showed that he was quite satisfied with the progress he had made in the past few days. Till now, he had had a deeper understanding of the Wind-commanding Skill. It meant that he was now at Level Three, Using the wind.

Austin had now reached his highest speed. In one step, he could reach a spot a hundred meters away from where he was at the moment. It was huge progress, and Austin couldn't believe it himself. He tried again and again, and he proved that the fact that he had come such a long way couldn't be any truer.

Even Violet, in the Illusion Bead, could feel the incredible speed. She conveyed her admiration to Austin through her mind. "Master, congratulations! What amazing progress you have made! I have such respect for you and your marvelous improvement in the Wind-commanding Skill!"

"I'm flattered, Violet. Thank you! I never expected that you would say so," Austin said, laughing good-naturedly at Violet's words.

"Tweet, tweet, tweet."

The gnome on Austin's shoulders raised its paws again and again, seeming to try and praise Austin for his refined cultivation like Violet had just done.

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