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   Chapter 334 Subduing Ten Corpse Generals (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6741

Updated: 2019-07-03 01:15

Austin had a go at the head of a corpse general, unleashing his spiritual sense at it. As he had expected, he soon found a flash of spiritual sense that was exactly like the one left by the Altar Owner of the Ghost Sect.

Without hesitation, Austin erased the flash of spiritual sense as the Altar Owner had instructed him to. The flash disappeared without leaving any trace.

Austin then extracted one flash of his spiritual sense and using a special tactic that was sure to succeed, pushed it towards the corpse general. Sure enough, it penetrated into the head of the corpse general, whose spiritual sense Austin had just erased.

Austin was suddenly overcome by the amazing feeling that the corpse general and he had been connected inseparably since forever. It was probably because of the flash of his spiritual sense, but what really surprised him was that they could understand each other just through their minds.

It felt like he was in complete control of the corpse general. Whatever telepathic order he gave, the corpse general would do as told, without thinking twice.

"Walk to the entrance of the cave," Austin ordered the corpse general in his mind.

It was to no one's surprise that the corpse general strode towards the cave's entrance as soon as it received the order from Austin's mind.

"Go back to where you were."

Austin's second order also went straight through to the corpse general's mind.

On receiving it, the corpse general turned around and went back to its original position.

'It is unbelievable that I can control the corpse general! That's so lucky!'

Austin was surprised and overjoyed.

In the same way, Austin erased the Altar Owner's spiritual sense off the mind of the nine other corpse generals and filled their minds with his own spiritual sense.

Austin was finally completely in charge of the ten corpse generals.

Austin issued an order with his mind, and soon, the ten corpse generals lined up inside the cave according to Austin's com

ecided to go to imperial capital city.

"Violet, during our trip to imperial capital city, I'm going to cultivate the Wind-commanding Skill. You'd better stay in the Illusion Bead so that I can focus on my cultivation."

"Alright, master. I want to better my cultivation too. There is enough powerful crystal left to support my cultivation for a period of time," Violet said before going into the Illusion Bead for her cultivation.

Meanwhile, Austin used his bodily movement skill to speed up his journey, and sought to fully understand the Wind-commanding Skill along the way. It was unsurprising that Austin was advancing towards wild places that no one else dared go, and that was so that he could be alone, away from crowds.

The gnome was small enough that it was now squatting on Austin's shoulders.

Austin was at level three of the Wind-commanding Skill: Using the wind.

After rushing ahead for a couple of days, Austin immersed himself in an appreciation of the Wind-commanding Skill.

As he advanced, Austin could feel the change in vital energy in both his legs as well as the change of the wind between his body and the space around him. Every time he sped up, he felt an inexplicable circulation of energy. He had no idea about it, but he expected to find a reasonable rule and benefit greatly from it.

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