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   Chapter 333 Corpse Controlling Skill (Part Two)

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It was obvious that he was planning to perish together with Austin.

Those words made Austin get flustered. If this Altar Owner was really as dauntless as he displayed, things would go awry and not according to plan for Austin.

"Ha-ha--ha, just kill me now. My corpse generals will rip you apart. I'll see you in hell."

Seeing the uncertainty on Austin's face, the Altar Owner knew that Austin must be faltering right now because of fright. The Altar Owner couldn't help celebrating his victory and taunted Austin further.

'You want to die? Fine!'

With that thought, Austin was determined to risk everything, although he still had an inkling that his previous assumption was right.

"Well, I'll let you beg for death!"

Austin said in a menacing voice while controlling the Spiritual Sense Flying Needles to strike at the Soul Sea of the Altar Owner again. In a second, the spiritual souls of the Altar Owner were besieged once again.

Meanwhile, the ten corpse generals also surrounded Austin completely, with the ferocious expressions on their faces exposing their torn tongues and stained teeth, waiting for a command to attack the enemy.

As Austin had predicted, it turned out that the corpse generals were nothing but an empty shell and didn't have their own consciousness or ability to make any decision. And they could only launch an attack under the command of the Altar Owner.

Meanwhile, after the five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles had successfully surrounded the spiritual souls, Austin began to attack the spiritual souls of the Altar Owner with a renewed savagery.

"Argh... ..."

The spiritual souls screamed miserably under the constant attack of the five needles. Every time the spiritual souls were hit, they became weaker and had a fainter breath.

If things went on like this, the spiritual souls of the Altar Owner would be crushed by the five needles in a short while and vanquished forever from this world.

There's a myth among the fighters, that if the spiritual souls vanis

a choice? Just tell me now. You are only hurting yourself by delaying."

Austin uttered those words while launching a vigorous attack. The five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles stroke violently again. As a result, the spiritual souls of the Altar Owner were hit five times once more. They screeched in great misery!

"All right, all right. I surrender. You ruthless, inhuman, heartless bastard. I'm done fighting you. I'll tell you right now."

At last, the Altar Owner decided to give up the final shred of resistance.

He told Austin everything about the Corpse Controlling Skill in great detail.

It turned out that the Corpse Controlling Skill was quite easy. By using a specific method to insert a piece of the spiritual sense into the brains of the corpse generals, a person could control the movements of the corpse generals easily.

"So, all those ten corpse generals' brains have a piece of your spiritual sense?

And if I wipe your spiritual sense from the corpse generals' body and insert mine, I'll be able to control those corpse generals?" Austin asked.

"That's right."

Hearing the answer, Austin couldn't restrain his excitement anymore. He knew that those ten corpse generals were way stronger than him. Learning the Corpse Controlling Skill meant that those ten powerful slaves would belong to him from now on.

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