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   Chapter 332 Corpse Controlling Skill (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-03 01:14

Hearing the rapid and heavy steps outside the cave, Austin felt chills and his whole body broke into a cold sweat. He knew that the ten corpse generals were on their way and would arrive any minute.

Austin had to think fast under the circumstances. It suddenly dawned on him that he needed capture their leader first. Clearly, the corpse generals were under the command of someone from the Ghost Sect. As long as he could subdue the person leading the group, he would have the situation under control.

He then came up with a two-step plan. For his first plan of attack he sent five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles from the Soul Sea and aimed directly for the head of the Altar Owner of the Ghost Sect.

At the same time, Austin set in motion his second phase of the attack. In a sneak attack he suddenly brandished his Twin Shadow Blades and began to attack the Altar Owner from a distance in quick successions, with his movements hard to keep up with, since he was attacking from both sides simultaneously.

While he was attacking with the swords, he also used the Wind-commanding Skill and moved himself closer to the Altar Owner, as he was able to move 30 meters in one step. The whole width of the cave was merely around dozens of meters. So it only took Austin a mere second to get there.

All the Altar Owner could employ was defensive moves since the young man was too fast for him. From his analysis he was at a disadvantage since he had no time to make his own attack and he knew that the situation was getting worse when he saw Austin's body moving at the speed of lightning. After all, he had already experienced Austin's power and expertise in battle just now.

The Altar Owner employed the only strategy he could master at the moment. He turned the vital energy around in his body to form a protective cover and rushed toward the outside, in an effort to try and assemble the corpse generals. He assumed that

e generals had finally arrived.

Austin had a humorless sly smile as he increased his vice-like grip on the Altar Owner's neck, which made the Altar Owner thrash his feet. The Altar Owner couldn't utter another word now and there were only grunts coming out of his mouth.

"Is that so? Do you think you can threaten me now? Fine. Just let your ghost like friends attack me. We shall see who's the one that's gonna die first. Me, or you.

You know that I can kill you with a single pinch, right?"

Austin said while staring at the Altar Owner with a disdainful look in his eyes. However, despite the display of bravado, Austin knew that his actions were just a gamble and if he was wrong things could go very badly for him. He bet that the Altar Owner was a coward who would surrender if his life was threatened. Thus Austin loosened his hand on the Altar Owner's neck hoping that he was sufficiently scared.

"Eh-hem, eh-hem, eh-hem."

The Altar Owner cleared his throat.

"Ha-ha, boy, so you think I'm a coward, right? No way! I'll never be frightened by someone like you!

I'll let those ten corpse generals tear you to pieces in revenge before I beg you for mercy. Just kill me!"

The Altar Owner gritted his teeth and said with a malicious expression in his eyes.

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