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   Chapter 331 Fighting The Enemies

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10707

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Austin used his Illusory Swordsmanship as soon as he came out of the Ghost-devouring Flag. More than thirty streaks of sword-light immediately shot out from his sword and cut the four people from the Ghost Sect.

The four of them had all reached the premium stage of Earth Realm, so in spite of Austin's mighty fighting power, it shouldn't have been possible for him to wound all of them at the same time with just a single move.

However, all of them had been wounded by Austin's Spiritual Sense Flying Needle and badly injured. Since their souls were injured, the four men were short of breath.

Besides, they hadn't expected Austin to attack as soon as they all got out of the Ghost-devouring Flag, so they hadn't been able to react in time.

Austin didn't just stop there.

Right after his first attack, he used his Wind-commanding Skill to stride forward at a pace of 30 meters every step. In a flash, he stood right in front of the man whose left eye had been pierced by the sword-light from Austin's sword.

The man was already shocked and infuriated by the injury in his left eye and was worried about whether he would permanently lose that eye. Now that Austin was standing right in front of him, he was confused about whether he was seeing things clearly.

Once he realized that Austin was indeed standing right in front of him, he was overwhelmed with anger and grief.

"How dare you!" he spat.

He wanted to attack Austin.

But before the man could do anything, Austin harnessed his strength and threw a punch at him without any hesitation.

There was a dull thud when Austin's fist came into contact with the man's body.

Austin's punch immediately sent the man flying backward until he crashed against the wall of the cave.

The force sent a tremor through the ground and the walls of the cave.

There was the sound of bones cracking before the man fell face-first onto the ground, his weak and wounded body lying there like a pile of mud.

At this moment, all that man could do was exhale. He had difficulty breathing in. "Damn it! You..." And with that, his life left his body.

The other three men from the Ghost Sect were shocked and frightened to see that Austin had killed their man so fast and ferociously with his resolute moves.

Austin didn't allow himself to relax even though he had killed one of the men with such ease. After all, he was still in the enemy's lair. He knew that it would be impossible for him to escape if the ten corpse generals and hundreds of mummies swarmed toward him.

Right now, the sole option for Austin was to swiftly kill the other three men from the Ghost Sect. Only after that could he plan what to do next.

With that thought, he immediately shifted his attention to the remained three men as soon as the first one was dead and attacked them with over thirty streaks of sword-light.

At the same time, he swiftly jumped on one of the three men.

The streaks of sword-light revealed his level four sword intent. Each streak of sword-light contained Austin's vital energy force and reflected his understanding of swordsmanship. The sword gave off numerous streaks of intense light which were ei

flying needle had invaded his Soul Sea. However, since five flying needles had intruded his Soul Sea, it was impossible for him to withstand their attacks.

He felt a great headache as if his head was going to explode.

This was the first time that Austin had tried using five flying needles together to see how powerful they were. Seeing the pain reflected on the man's face, Austin couldn't conceal his great joy. That man wasn't able to even defend himself. Austin concluded that releasing five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles at the same time would be far more effective for fighting his enemies than releasing a single one.

While the man was being mentally tortured by the attacks of the five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles in his Soul Sea, Austin used his Illusory Swordsmanship with his long sacred sword. Then, along with level four sword intent, over thirty streaks of sword-light attacked the man holding the bell.

Suddenly, the air was thick with the sound of blood squirting out. The body of the man holding the bell looked like a wooden bucket that had holes all over it.

Blood was jetting out of holes everywhere on his body.

Now, the Altar Owner was the only man who was still alive. He was overwhelmed with fear when he realized that Austin had killed another of his fellow men so easily. Staring at Austin, he consciously retreated toward the entrance of the cave.

He couldn't help but think that this young man in front of him was just like an emissary from the 18-level hell who had been specially sent to kill people.

But at this moment, loud and swift footsteps could be heard from the entrance of the cave.

Bang, bang, bang... The whole cave trembled with the intensity of the footsteps.

Upon hearing the sound of these footsteps, the Altar Owner, the sole surviving man from the Ghost Sect, became excited.

His fear was completely replaced by hatred and gloating.

With his eyes fixed on Austin, he declared, "Too bad. The ten corpse generals have arrived. You're going to die!"

He gritted his teeth while saying the words like he was viciously cursing Austin.

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