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   Chapter 330 The Escape

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They had been refining the Ghost-devouring Flag for several years. The Altar Owner had mastered the skills required to manipulate the Flag during the process long ago. He made a formula to summon it, however, the Ghost-devouring Flag had not responded. It had never happened before.

But, the Altar Owner wouldn't give up. He made another formula with his hands, and then shot it toward the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Strangely, it remained motionless.

'What happened? Am I weak for some reason today?' the Altar Owner asked himself.

Once again, the Altar Owner made a formula, hitting the Ghost-devouring Flag.

To his despair, the Flag continued to lie on the ground motionless.

Finally, they realized that something must be wrong with the Flag.

"Shit! Why does the Ghost-devouring Flag look like it's lost its spirituality and luster?"

The Ghost-devouring Flag usually shone with black lights around its surface. Blowing a cold breeze, it occasionally produced sad and shrill cries, which terrified people and made them feel haunted by ghosts.

But now, the Ghost-devouring Flag was merely an ordinary flag. It created neither sound nor wind. In essence, it was dead.

"Something must be wrong with it!" one of them exclaimed.

They all began to panic.

"I have a hunch that something is off inside. Let's check it together with our spiritual senses," another proposed.

Even though all of them were in the premium stage of Earth Realm, they had practiced the first two levels of spiritual sense through ghost refining. Therefore, they had all gained spiritual sense. But, their spiritual senses were far weaker than Austin's.

All four of them had been involved in making the Ghost-devouring Flag and so they could make their way into the flag without difficulty. Immediately, they released their spiritual senses into the inner space of the Ghost-devouring Flag.

At that very moment, Austin was about to leave.

He sensed it as soon as the four spiritual senses entered the inner space. Austin could feel that the spiritual senses belonged to the four Ghost Sect disciples that he'd met in Ghost Valley.

The moment their spiritual senses entered the Ghost-devouring Flag, the four Ghost Sect disciples were shocked. The inner space was empty and quiet. The evil souls and ghosts that used to dwell in it had disappe

ing out from the Ghost-devouring Flag. Suddenly, Austin and Violet appeared before them.

As soon as Austin got out, he could see how things were going on in the cavern as clear as day.

Not wasting any time, Austin grasped his superior sword on his way down. Before the four disciples could react, his sword waved level 4 sword intent and it was aimed directly at them. All of a sudden, the cave was full of sword projections.

Over thirty sword projections struck the four disciples.

Puff! Each of the disciples fell to the ground as the sound of flesh being pierced echoed around them.

Blood oozed from their bodies as they writhed in pain. One of the disciples' left eye had been pierced.

"Arrrrrh! My eye!" he cried out.

Despite the disciples' cultivation base being premium stage of Earth Realm, he didn't even get a chance to dodge the swords. Pressing down on his left eye, the disciple jumped for cover in the corner.

"Go! Go! Go! Put in some corpse generals to kill them!" a disciple said.

All four disciples were both terrified and in awe of how Austin had managed to hurt them all with a single blow.

One of them had been struck in the stomach. Fortunately, the sword hadn't struck him in a fatal position, so he would likely not die. But the wound was still large and had blood steadily flowing from it. Pinching his lips together, the disciple produced a sound that was inaudible to human beings.

Even though Austin couldn't hear it, he knew from the man's facial movements that he was summoning the corpse generals.

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