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   Chapter 329 Spiritual Sense Going From Strength To Strength

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Austin started cultivating the Soul-transforming Skill when he found it in the jade slip.

The spiritual sense chain which was transformed by his spiritual sense, entangled the souls that floated around him and dragged them into his Soul Sea.

It seemed that the spiritual sense chain had something special about it. Once it caught souls, they lost the strength to resist. Then, they could be pulled by the chain to anywhere it wanted to go. The souls were tethered to the spiritual sense chain.

Austin was buzzing with excitement. He knew the effects of the Soul-transforming Skill filled him with a spark he had never felt before. He couldn't believe that this skill could really transform the souls in the spiritual sense.

Following the orders that came from Austin's mind, the chain dragged four more souls into his Soul Sea, and the spiritual sense rushed over instantly to refine them.

As soon as the spiritual sense was done, the four souls disappeared leaving behind a few ephemeral shining dots.

The souls naturally had no intention to vanish permanently from the world. However, they had no choice. They could not resist the powerful force of the Spiritual Chain. Their tearful cries and pleadings fell on deaf ears.

Within moments, they evaporated into colorful, shining dots of spiritual sense and were immediately taken in by Austin's Soul Sea.

Then, the spiritual sense chain whipped, caught another four or five souls and pulled them into the Soul Sea. The refinement continued... ... ...

As the souls transmuted continuously and quickly, Austin found the range of his spiritual sense increasing.

1000 meters

1100 meters

1200 meters

1300 meters

... ...

After he had integrated several hundred souls, Austin's spiritual sense reached almost 1500 meters away.

Looking around, Austin noticed that the space around him was empty. The souls that had previously been there seemed to sense the horrible, unforgiving strength radiated by him. They didn't dare to attack him. Instead, they resorted to moving as far away from him as possible.

Far away from Austin, these souls huddled together—pushing each other and rolling around. They constantly looked at Austin, surprised at his strength and afraid to go near him.

"Ha ha. It's good," Austin boasted. 'The Soul-transforming Skill is so powerful that it will help me get out of trouble while also strengthening my spiritual sense.

It seems that only souls are capable of making a substantial attack in this space. If I refine all of them, I'll probably find a way out from here, ' Austin thought.

Violet stared at the souls that had gathered away from Austin and were staring at him with fear. She amazed at the extraordinary strength of Soul-transforming Skill.

Austin had promptly informed Violet of the situation using his mind before he started cultivating the skill.

"All right. I will ha

d with enough practice, he could control the speed and direction of these flying needles at will. They were entirely under his command.

Now that Austin had achieved the second level of Spiritual Sense Flying Needle while also creating five flying needles in his Soul Sea, Austin was pleased with himself.

... ... ...

At the same time, inside a cave at the center of Ghost Valley...

Four cultivators of Ghost Sect walked in and sat down separately. Each of them sat on one of the sides of a square, representing the four directions—east, west, north and south.

"It is time to refine the Ghost-devouring Flag," one said thoughtfully. "But before we start, we have to take out the storing resources from the flag.

If that guy's body disintegrates into nothingness such that only his blood remained, those vital energy crystals and rare ores will strew around in the space, and all will be for vain.

I'm afraid that they would be eroded by the impure air if we keep them in the Ghost-devouring Flag too long. It might cause the spiritual energy that flows in them to drain. We definitely do not want that."

One of them said while the other cultivators nodded in agreement.

Then the one who had just spoken waved his hand. A flash of light appeared and then suddenly in the empty floor between them lay the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Then he opened his palm to give a magical command. A yellow light originated on his palm and shot into the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Nothing had changed!

What was wrong?

Usually, the souls would carry the constituent things out of the space when the command went into the Ghost-devouring Flag.

But this time, it didn't work. All the four cultivators frowned in unison.

"Altar Owner, it seems that you are having an off day. What's the matter?"

A cultivator asked.

Altar Owner was the cultivator who had given the orders. He too had a weird feeling about this.

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