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   Chapter 327 Stuck In The Ghost-devouring Flag

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After being stuck in the Ghost-devouring Flag, the gnome cowered on Austin's shoulder obediently, glancing and observing the surrounding ghosts. Curiosity flashed on his small face, evident that he was not afraid at all. . . .

Meanwhile, in the underground, four people from the Ghost Sect intensely gazed at the Ghost-devouring Flag flapping in the air.

Before it could be mobilized, the flag was smaller than a man's palm. However, as soon as it was thrown out, its size gradually increased, reaching over seven thousand square meters. As it grew bigger, it also released a cloud of black smoke, completely swallowing anyone who badly wanted to flee.

"Haha, the Ghost-devouring Flag is indeed one of the Secret Weapons of our sect. The guy threw out the corpse generals by just one single blow. He is evidently very strong and powerful. I'm guessing he has already reached the premium stage of Earth Realm.

But I didn't expect that he'd be so easily stuck in the Ghost-devouring Flag."

"Yeah. After the flag ultimately devours him, we can surely take back the resources he stole from the mummy storage warehouse."

The four people of the Ghost Sect felt at ease after seeing Austin completely stuck in the Ghost-devouring Flag. They stood watching, throwing a few remarks on what they would do after using the flag.

"Of course. It's a shame that our Secret Weapon is not fully perfected yet.

If it were fully accomplished, even the martial artists of the Mysterious Realm wouldn't easily get out if they were stuck in it.

The man is only at the premium stage of Earth Realm, and there's no way he can get out from being trapped in the flag. I bet he must be suffering from the pain of his soul being devoured. It won't be long before his soul is entirely consumed, and he will completely become one of the countless ghosts of the Ghost-devouring Flag.

All right. It's time to retrieve the flag. We don't need to pay attention to the man stuck inside. He is going to die anyway.

I received a message from the elders of our sect, telling that our revenge plan will officially start in half a year.


was a battle of their spiritual senses, Austin and Violet both sat down to save their strength.

Austin took four powerful crystals out from his Space Ring and gave Violet two. Holding his own, he started drawing energy from them to compensate for what his spiritual sense had consumed.

While he was occupied refilling his energy, he kept throwing the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle to fight the ghosts.

But he also knew it wouldn't last. He had no idea how many ghosts were inside the flag. If there were indeed countless of them, he would surely use up all the energy of his spiritual sense sooner or later.

And he would totally be screwed if he drained all of it.

Using the energy of spiritual sense was not like using vital energy or physical strength where he could rest and replenish his energy and strength right away.

As for the use of spiritual sense, too much could readily harm his spiritual souls. And once his spiritual souls were harmed, he could not rejuvenate them back anymore.

The spiritual souls were the foundation of human existence. They bore all the thoughts, the memories, and the personalities of a human. If they were harmed, there was no turning back, everything would vanish, and so would the essence of being a human.

Austin was clearly aware of that. While he was fighting the ghosts, he was also thinking of how he and Violet could escape that hellish place.

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