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   Chapter 326 Trapped In Ghost-devouring Flag

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6289

Updated: 2019-07-03 01:07

Just as Austin and Violet got out of the cave, they found themselves under the siege of ten powerful corpse generals. In the face of these powerful enemies, Austin decided that flight was the best option. He summoned a Grand Pagoda to attack the one blocking their way. Then he used his Eagle Wings to fly into the sky.

That corpse general, pounded by the fierce vital energy force of the Grand Pagoda, was thrown about three meters away and the land shook when it fell down and a hole about a hundred centimeters in depth was drilled into the ground.

However, being extremely tough and brutal, the corpse general, still surprisingly intact, climbed out of the pit right away without the least bit of delay. With several thundering and echoing roars leaving its throat, its bloody eyes fixed themselves on Austin, who had escaped into the air already.

Howls of anger continued long after he had disappeared. ...

Also, several corpse generals, enveloped in thick, black corpse miasma, jumped at the place where Austin had been standing just a second ago. They had come in from all directions, and it would have been the most horrific and dreadful nightmare for anyone who witnessed the whole thing.

This had been a narrow escape. If Austin had reacted just a second later, he would not have survived the attack by the corpse generals.

Austin flapped the wings and took a look at the hideous heads of the corpse from the sky. Some sort of fear that still lingered inside him picked pace when he saw those roaring monsters. He was lucky to have gotten the Eagle Wings, the Secret Weapon that had helped him get away this time, from Steward Meng. It would have been unbearable to imagine what would have happened otherwise.

'Never mind. This is the best situation I can be in right now. I can't equal those corpse generals in strength anyway, and those four culti

al Sense Flying Needle, but one of them, which looked exceedingly powerful, seemed to be almost intact. All the needle had done was to faintly soften up its outline.

It must belong to a higher rank of them.

The Spiritual Sense Flying Needle soon cleared up a space for Austin but the number of ghosts seemed to be soaring at an incredible speed, almost exponentially. Millions of them came forward one after the other. No matter how strong his spiritual sense was, it was impossible to withstand their incessant attacks, since his spiritual sense power was doomed to run out sometime.

'Damn! How did I get myself into this?' Austin cursed.

"Master, the current situation is worrying. Let me give you a hand."

Violet sensed the danger he was in and came flying out of the Illusion Bead to help him.

She frowned at the screaming ghosts and spirits that kept drawing near, and used her spiritual sense to attack. Since she hadn't practiced any spiritual sense skills, her attack was a straightforward swipe at the enemies. It seemed to be intimidating and overwhelming, but it could not last long.

Compared to the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle Austin was throwing forward, Violet's way of attack was much slower and weaker.

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