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   Chapter 325 Under Siege (Part Two)

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"This...this...this thing, he has such physical strength. completely insane..."

She stuttered and paled, unable to believe what she saw. She knew how strong Austin was, which was why she was so surprised to see someone who was so much stronger than Austin.

The mummy wasted no time in restarting the attack. Like a shadow following the body, he was determined to hunt down Austin. His eyes glinted murderously. The black corpse miasmas spread all over his body and surged violently like blazing flames and like the smoke of wolves' dung burning. The mummy's shabby attire fluttered in the wind and his muddy hair was tangled and disheveled. He roared like a demon, and the whole world seemed to tremble at the thunderous noise.

At the same time, the corpse miasmas floating in the air began to flow unceasingly towards Austin like surging tidewaters, blocking all the lights from the sky.

Fortunately, the light golden vital energy was constantly emerging from Austin's body and helped him drive the corpse miasmas away.

"Master, the other mummies are coming!"

Violet exclaimed in terror. Austin could barely defeat one mummy. And with nine other mummies joining the fray, that would be a nightmare.

Violet was now struggling to get rid of the thick mass of corpse miasmas. She had no extra energy to help Austin.

Her demonic power didn't work on the corpse miasmas.

When Austin realized that it was possible for him to defeat the mummy with his physical strength, he immediately changed his strategy. In a flash, the sacred weapon he had taken from the cave appeared in his hand.

Now that level four sword intent had been unleashed all of a sudden, the sky was filled with sword auras and rays of sword radiance. They we

be able to seize the chance to escape.

He had another trump card up his sleeve which could help him to escape.

At this critical moment, four men suddenly emerged from a wall.

As soon as they appeared, one of the men shouted, "You cocky brat! You dared to trespass on our private land. You'll not get out of here alive today!"

As he spoke, the four men rushed towards Austin, running at full tilt.

The appearance of the newcomers shocked Austin and Violet.

They had thought that the mummies were naturally formed, based on the special environmental condition in the Ghost Valley, though it was indeed strange that their numbers were so large.

It surprised them that people were behind this.

Private land?

Whose private land?

Did these mummies have something to do with the four men here?

But the imminent danger didn't allow him to ponder over these doubts.


He threw the Grand Pagoda at his enemies with as much ferocity as he could muster. At the same time, a pair of eagle wings popped open on his back.

As he flapped his wings, a gust of wind blew across the landscape and sent him soaring into the sky.

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