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   Chapter 324 Under Siege (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6027

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The nine mummies charged ferociously at Austin. The corpse miasma emanating from them filled the air and blocked most of the light from the sky. They were like thick dark clouds that gathered in the sky before a storm, racing across the heavens, swirling and colliding in vast pile-ups. The world seemed like hell now—dark, heavy and depressing.

As the corpse miasma savagely took over the whole place, Austin and Violet immediately felt dizzy. Feelings of despair, resentment, grief, and certain gloom began to surge in them.

Damn! The corpse miasma was pervasive. They could aggressively penetrate a human's body, affecting their emotions and eroding their will.

Austin and Violet became alert to the changes the corpse miasma was causing them.

Almost as a reflex action, Austin activated his Golden Sun Scripture. The light golden vital energy burst out of his body and engulfed him. A protective shield, formed by the glittering vital energy covered Austin, Violet, and the gnome to ensure their safety.

As soon as the dark heavy corpse miasma met the light golden vital energy that Austin had released, they backed away as if the vital energy was the bane of their lives.

Austin marveled at the power of the Golden Sun Scripture. There was a line in the outline of the Golden Sun Scripture that said, "The Golden Sun Scripture is the most powerful formula in the world." That fact had been proven now. The seemingly barbarous corpse miasma was intimidated by the light golden vital energy that Austin had released through the Golden Sun Scripture.

As the saying went, "Evil could never prevail over good." The corpse miasma was the dark power from death, while the light golden vital energy was the light power from the sun. And the light power would always conquer the dark

the fist head-on, blowing away all the corpse miasmas around. Soon, the air was clean, devoid of any corpse miasmas. With a dull thud, Austin felt the strong force come endlessly at him.

He quickly backed up, managing to come to a stop after six steps, each pounding step reverberating against the ground.

That...was impossible! Since Austin had mastered the Overlord Body-refining Formula, he had always utilized the physical power to defeat his enemies in real combat.

He had never lost.

But this time, the opponent before him seemed to be physically stronger than him.

Austin concluded that the fierce-looking mummy had a strength that weighed over ten thousand pounds. And that made it all the more incredible.

What kind of a creature was this mummy? His physical power was beyond imagination. Austin knew that he wouldn't be able to suppress it unless he reached the fourth or even the fifth level of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

Austin was not the only one to be amazed. Violet, who stood on the sidelines, was aghast as she watched them fight, her eyes wide as saucers and mouth wide open in her surprise. Her graceful manners were nowhere to be seen.

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