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   Chapter 323 Leave The Corpse Storage Warehouse

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Two corpses waved at Austin. He suddenly remembered the sacred sword he had gotten.

He thought that it might be useful in dealing with these corpses, so he took it out of his Space Ring. These corpses had poor bodily movement skills, so Austin just jumped forward and thrust the sword into a corpse's chest without any difficulty.

A swooshing sound was heard as the sacred sword easily penetrated its chest.

Earlier, Austin used his Violet Royal Sword to deal with them. But unfortunately, the sword was unable to leave any mark on their bodies. They were barely hurt. Apparently, their bodies were no less than the quality of high-grade spiritual weapons.

Also, the vital energy force was useless. When Austin faced them, he could only fight them using his physical power—he needed to destroy them with his pure physical strength.

Austin's current cultivation base could even defeat cultivators at the premium stage of Earth Realm, yet it became difficult for him to deal with the corpses. These corpses gave him a tremendous pain in the head.

Fortunately, the sacred sword he had was able to damage the corpses.

Despite the sword that was thrust into its chest, the corpse did not hesitate. It growled in anger and waved its claw to attack Austin.

Its emerald-green fingernails were as hard steel. It was surrounded by black corpse miasmas. The whole place was covered by its rotting odor.

Suddenly, Austin used his Wind-commanding Skill and rushed to the left side of the corpse. As fast as a lightning, he cut the corpse's arm twice in the same position.

Its arm dropped to the ground, and there was no blood shown. The attack was so swift that the wound appeared so smooth.

Austin realized that the sacred sword lived up to its name. Despite the hardness of the corpse's body, the sword was able to cut its arm off with just two chops.

So Austin did it again and cut off its other arm.

The corpse was stunned as it lost its both arms. Suddenly, it moved toward Austin and opened its rotted mouth. A black corpse miasma gushed from his teeth and was about to bite Austin.

Another swooshing sound was heard, and Austin cut its two legs. The corpse fell to the ground, unable to move. Despite that, it roared in exasperation as black corpse miasmas constantly came out of his mouth and his broken limbs.

Austin and Violet guessed that the black corpse miasma was the reason why these corpses could move and attack.

Austin felt a little relieved to know that the sacred sword could kill the corpses.

On the other hand, Violet dealt with the other corpse.

Since the black corpse miasma could harm Violet, she did not dare to go anywhere near the corpse.

Instead, using her demonic force, she created a giant fox's black claw. It f

have to join as well. We must kill them. The resources are not that important. But the copy of the Corpse-refining Formula and the secret of this base cannot be exposed!"

The other three men nodded in acknowledgment.

The four of them withdrew the Ghost-devouring Flag, which hadn't been completely refined yet, and left this cavern rapidly. . . . .

"Woah! We're done. We did it!"

Austin, Violet and the gnome rushed out of the stone gate and left the corpse storage warehouse.

Out of the cavern was a heap of ruins, and intense feminine aura filled the in air. Still, Austin and Violet felt much better now.

It was a good thing that they finally managed to flee from the horrible cavern.

The gnome stayed on Austin's shoulder all this time. He looked around with his round eyes.

"I didn't expect that we could find treasures in the Ghost Valley. We were so lucky to get all of them. Now we'd better run away from the valley as soon as possible. If the corpses catch up to us, we'll be done," Austin said to Violet with a laugh. They were about to dash towards the entrance of the valley.

All of a sudden, Austin's and Violet's faces changed dramatically.

They used their spiritual sense and could clearly see nine corpse generals quickly approaching them. Their auras were as strong as the corpse general who had hunted them before.

The ground trembled and dust was all over the place. Austin and Violet could hear the loud footsteps of the corpse generals.

The two felt like there were hundreds of troops and horses present. But in fact, there were only nine corpse generals who were looking for them.

After a while, nine tall corpse generals came into view. They angrily jumped toward Austin and Violet as if they were going to tear them into pieces. The two were shocked as they encountered another trouble.

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