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   Chapter 322 Escape

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Austin knew very well that these crystals which contained more spiritual power than vital energy crystal were very precious. However, he did not have any grudge against the gnome. First of all, the gnome could serve him as a treasure guide and could lead him to various kinds of treasures.

Secondly, it also seemed to be completely dependent on him, which made it hard for Austin to be harsh on this creature.

Hence, even though he still felt reluctant, he was still willing to sacrifice some crystals from time to time to satiate its belly.

He gestured towards Violet, took out a Space Ring and gave it to her. Simultaneously, the two began to pile the hills of vital energy crystal on the ground and other rare ores that, many of which were unknown to them, into their space rings. Pretty soon, the entire cavern was emptied.

After they were finished with the vital energy crystals and rare ores, Austin's attention was drawn by a stone table situated at the end of the cavern. A round and smooth jade slip was lying on it. It looked white as fresh snow and cold as ice. It clearly wasn't something ordinary.

When he approached the table, he saw that the jade slip was under the cover of a glowing energy shield.

From a look, he guessed that it was about martial arts. He had seen several slips like this and therefore, it was an easy guess.

He wasn't going to just leave it there since it was about martial arts. Ghost Valley was the place where the Ghost Sect was located, which meant that this jade slip possibly held records of some martial arts that belonged to the Ghost Sect. Ghost Sect had once fought all of the sects in Violet Orchid Empire. Hence, it was clear that there was something unique about the sect as well as its martial arts.

However, that glowing energy shield seemed to be quite strong and it wasn't going to be easy for him to take the slip.

Austin suddenly conducted all of his energy into his right arm and punched the shield. The force that left his arm through that one punch and landed on the shield was almost 4 tons.

But to his surprise the shield just slightly shook and vibrated for a second.


The s

e everything they could about the tunnels near them. To avoid the strongest mummy was their primary task.

They chose a tunnel in which the number of the mummies seemed to be smallest and ran towards it.

There were only four mummies in this tunnel and they were all awake. Sensing them, they began walking blindly while sniffing from time to time. It seemed that their sniffing was their way to search for prey and understand directions.

After walking a short distance, Austin and Violet encountered two mummies coming from the front.

The two mummies sensed their presence immediately and began rushing towards the two while growling deeply in their throats.

Austin did not escape, instead he confronted these two freaks. .

It did not take long before the mummies fall apart after they received numerous hits from Austin.

The other two mummies in the back heard their movements and followed the sound. Soon, they also appeared in front of Austin.

'These things are really hard to deal with. Even though my physical strength is very high, and I can just beat them into pieces one by one, but my energy will be excessively consumed if there are too many of them.'

For a moment, Austin could not think of a better plan. However, an idea suddenly flashed in his mind.

'Wait, I've recently procured a sacred long sword. Though my Violet Royal Sword is useless in front of these mummies, that long sword might work.'

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