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   Chapter 321 Ghost-devouring Flag

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The tall corpse followed the tracks that Austin and Violet had made, and entered the cavern behind them. People who were inside another cavern instantly felt where the corpse went.

"The corpse general we sent in has found the whereabouts of the two intruders. They have intruded into our corpse storage warehouse.

All our standby resources are stored in the depths of that warehouse. Those resources are our backup plan to rebuild our sect and get our revenge.

If the intruders find them, we're going to be in a hell of trouble," one of them remarked in a concerned tone.

"You're right. We need to kill these two intruders as soon as possible.

Even if they don't take the resources, we can't let them leave this place.

If they go and tell about us to their friends, our base will be exposed and there are going to be hordes of people here to steal our resources.

There's no way our leaders will let us off the hook in that case. Look what happened to the Tomb Owner! If we don't stop them, that's what's going to happen to us."

"Well, I don't think we have too much to worry about. The corpse general has already found them, and will wake up the sleeping corpses in the corpse storage warehouse. They shall deal with them.

There are hundreds of corpses there. I don't think the intruders will be able to survive their onslaught."

Upon hearing that, the rest of them felt much relieved. After all, even a cultivator at the Mysterious Realm wouldn't be able to deal with hundreds of corpses easily, let alone steal things from right under their noses.

They guessed that the two intruders were cultivators with little cultivation base and were here to look for treasures after hearing about the story of the Ghost Sect.

After all, cultivators at the Mysterious Realm were all supposed to be quite wise and cautious and would not try to come here just after hearing a few stories.

"Do we need to go there and check on them?" one of them asked.

"No need for that. Right now, we'd better hurry up and refine the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Once that is done, its force will be invincible, and we will be unstoppable. At the next stage, we will be able to kill a cu

d and guessed that a single crystal hill contained at least four million vital energy crystals.

Austin and Violet stood in front of these vital energy crystals, and reached out their hands to touch them, smiling from ear to ear.

The gnome was very excited too. He jumped off Austin's shoulder and bounced about like a child.

Austin estimated that there were more than ten million vital energy crystals in the cavern and at least five or six million superior vital energy crystals.


To be frank, Austin was actually quite rich at the moment, but what he was seeing right now was a fortune that he had never dreamed of. His heart started beating rapidly.

He and Violet looked at each other with surprise and delight in their eyes.

At this moment, the gnome stood before Austin, and held his head high. He looked as proud as a peacock. Evidently, he was trying to remind Austin that full credit went to him for finding this place. He pointed to Austin's Space Ring, giving him a wink.

Austin immediately got his point, and took out two of the divine vital energy crystals he had gotten from the previous round cavern. Divine vital energy crystals contained even more energy than superior vital energy crystals. He gave the crystals to the gnome and stroked his head.

The gnome took the divine vital energy crystals and swallowed them without hesitation in delight. After that, he patted his belly, satisfied with his prize.

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