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   Chapter 320 Sacred Weapons

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With the gnome leading the way, Austin and Violet continued to explore deeper into the cave.

As they walked, Austin roughly estimated that they had come across over a hundred mummies along the way.

It looked like the cave was a hideout for mummies but he still was curious and wanted to know why there were so many mummies in here.

He observed the mummies closely. From the shabby clothes they wore, Austin deduced that they were warriors.

But the question was: did they die there or were their bodies moved there after their deaths?

A number of doubts crossed his mind. Was the formation of these mummies just a coincidence? Or could it be that the warriors in question happened to die in a cold and humid cave, and became mummies after a long, long time?

Or was it someone else's doing?

Austin and Violet felt their blood chill as they laid eyes on the sleeping mummies scattered on the ground.

After they went ahead for about a kilometer, they found themselves in another hidden cave.

Rows and rows of weapons sat on parallel racks in the hidden cave. Every one of the weapons on display was spiritual weapons of different grades—low, medium, and high.

Austin owned many spiritual weapons but one could never have enough treasures. Even if he didn't use them himself, he could always sell them to make more money.

The sight of so many weapons excited Austin to no end. "No matter what else happens, it's been a worthwhile trip!" he exclaimed ecstatically.

What they had found before had only been empty boxes, the medicinal pills and elixirs having been pillaged. Their latest discovering had erased any disappointment that they previously had.

Even if this would be all they found in their exploration of this cave, they would still be quite satisfied in the end.

Austin scanned the rows of spiritual weapons and noticed something that excited him, something that made him rush towards it.

In a single stride, Austin went over to the corner of the cave where a single weapon rack stood, separated from the other racks that they had seen before.

There were two weapons on this rack, a sword and a purplish red steel mace. They both had a special spiritual energy surrounding them.

At first sight, Austin felt that these two weapons were differen

otect them from being hurt.

It could save their lives if they got hit.

"We haven't reached the end of this cave. There might be more hidden caves ahead," Austin said.

After having gathered all the spiritual weapons, Austin looked towards the passage that headed deeper into the cave. His eyes glinted with great anticipation and joy.

Austin, Violet, and the gnome set out on the passage that led them into the depths of the cave, with the hope of finding more treasures in the exploration.

... .

At the same time, behind the huge rock at the entrance of the cave from where Austin and Violet had entered, appeared a tall, strong, dry, scary-looking mummy. Corpse miasmas loomed like a black shadow as they followed him. The mummy sniffed the air and then, his red, bloodshot eyes locked firmly on the rock.

The next moment, the mummy pushed off the ground and bumped into the rock with the intensity of a massive grenade. He used his body to clear the way instead of his hands.

The rock rumbled and crashed, sending pieces of rock flying in all directions. As the dust settled, a huge, human-shaped hole appeared in the rock.

The mummy managed to force his way in.

Once he entered the cave, the mummy let out a howl that echoed through the hollowness of the cave. He wasted no time and moments later, he had set off in their direction, hunting them with the speed of a blowing whirlwind.

Now that the mummy had detected Austin and Violet's scents, it was easy for him to chase his targets.

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