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   Chapter 319 Breaking Into The Nest Of The Corpses

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The gnome showed up on Austin's shoulder and made a gesture with his hand. Austin saw him point towards a shabby building on the east. While looking at the foundation of the building, he realized that it must have been some kind of splendid palace in the past.

However, it was now only left with a fragmentary foundation.

"You mean there are treasures inside that building?"

Austin guessed while still looking at the gnome.

When the gnome heard this, he nodded vigorously. His legs pushed on Austin's shoulder and he rushed to the east like lightning.

"Aha, this guy seems to be loyal to his friends. It seems that he has no intent of monopolizing the treasures. I think he wants to bring us to him instead."

Austin said to Violet. They moved to follow the gnome.

Suddenly, the place where Austin and Violet stood just moments ago started shaking as if there was a small earthquake.

With a big boom, the earth was torn forcefully into two parts. A half-meter gap appeared on the ground and a figure that was wrapped in a dark fog rushed out like lightning. After a little while, it settled on the ground.

A pair of scarlet eyes appeared in the dark fog. There was no humanity in those eyes and it was only filled with mighty cruel and bloodthirsty eagerness.

The scarlet eyes scanned the surrounding but didn't find any targets. There were only four moribund dry corpses that had been attacked and were disabled.


With a deep and furious roar, the figure reached out a pair of steel-like claws. It grabbed the four moribund dry corpses with its claws and one by one, tore them into pieces like they were paper.

Then, it opened its big mouth filled with fangs and sucked the corpse miasmas that were floating around in the air and inhaled them all.

It also sucked the dark fog that was surrounding it. A large, dry and powerful corpse with blue veins suddenly appeared.

There was a layer of dark fog on the skin of the corpse. It was like black ink was poured into it, releasing the scent of cold and gloom.

Its eyes were red like that of a beast and it was filled with blood thirst.

When the corpse exposed its body, it sniffed the air several times with its dry nose. Then, after several deep roars, it trudged down towards the direction of Austin and Violet. . . .

Austin and Violet followed the path of the gnome and ran towards the palace relics.

After a while, they finally arrived at the ruins of the palace. The palace was so big that it covered a large area of the land by several kilometers.

The gnome led Austin and Violet to the ruins of the palace and stood by an old stone door.

The stone door was already covered with mosses and it was full of green spots. At first glance, it seemed as if it was abandoned for a long time.

However, Austin noticed that the handle of the stone door was quite shiny and it has no stains on it. It didn't seem like it was an abandoned door.

The door was likely used just recently. There must be something important behind this door.

Austin couldn't help but admire the gnome. He assumed that there must be some treasures hidden behind the door because the gnome surely wouldn't choose this place using its special connection to treasures if it was not an important place.

He decided to open the sh

to open the boxes one by one.

Both Austin and Violet's face clouded after opening the boxes. They couldn't help but swear.

The boxes were exuding a faint fragrance of elixirs so Austin and Violet thought that there must be a large amount of valuable elixirs and herbs inside it. However, when they opened the boxes, Austin and Violet found that the boxes were empty inside. All of its contents were nowhere to be found!

Austin and Violet were pissed. They never expected that their efforts would lead to nothing.

The place was definitely a storehouse of elixirs and herbs made by the Ghost Sect. The rows of wooden shelves could be added up to about a hundred and each shelf had three layers with about six boxes on each layer. However, the boxes were now empty and all the elixirs and herbs were gone.

All the boxes had been opened and the original contents were already taken.

It was so hard to find this place. At first, they looked at the boxes and thought that their efforts would finally yield good results, but then the situation turned sour and Austin and Violet fell into a bad mood.

After searching for a while, there was still no good news. Austin and Violet sighed in defeat.

Fortunately, in addition to the secret cave, there was still another room to be searched. The both of them didn't hesitate to go further. They continued with their journey immediately.

Suddenly, a loud sound came from one of the caves beneath the ruins.

"Damn it! According to the message sent by our corpse general, the man and the woman somehow broke into our corpse storage warehouse!"

"What? No way! Our corpse storage warehouse was completely hidden! There was no chance for it to be discovered by outsiders."

"Maybe they broke in by accident? Whatever! It doesn't matter! The most important issue here is that the corpse storage warehouse was the treasure house of our Ghost Sect in the past. There is still some wealth from our Ghost Sect stored there until now. Even if we already consumed the elixirs and herbs in the boxes during the refining of the corpses, there are still some mineral resources in there. Most importantly, the secret books of our Ghost Sect were hidden there!"

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