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   Chapter 318 The Base Of The Ghost Sect

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The mummy retreated, and then suddenly rushed toward Austin again while bellowing.

It was clumsy and unable to move steadily on its feet. The only thing it did was move its body forward. Austin dodged, jumped to its left, and punched it on its left arm with great power.

Although every body part of the mummy was dry and very tough, it couldn't bear the force of 8, 000 pounds.

With Austin's punch, the left arm of the mummy broke off, exposing the dry muscles underneath.

A black corpse miasma with a repulsive stench was released from the exposed part of the mummy.

As more and more of this corpse miasma was released, the mummy seemed to be getting more exhausted, as if the vapor was the source of its energy.

With another bellow, the mummy turned around to escape, realizing that it could not defeat Austin.

With every movement, its heavy dry feet left footprints on the ground so deep that it looked as if it had been engraved by knives or axes.

Of course, Austin wasn't going to let it go so easily. He started his Wind-commanding Skill and leaped in front of it before thrusting his arm out at lightning speed. Bang! With a single punch, he sent the dry corpse flying backward.

The sound of bones cracking echoed. The mummy's skin tore off and a big pit appeared in its chest.

At the same time, the dense black miasma was released into the air.

In a second, the mummy was surrounded by the dense black corpse miasma.

It suddenly collapsed onto the ground as if it had used up all its energy.

Then, without warning, it started to cry out again and again.

'Oh, no, this isn't good.

It's asking its friends for help!' Austin thought, horrified.

Austin and Violet exchanged meaningful glances. They were both thinking the same thing.

It had been easy for them to fight one mummy. But if they had to face dozens of these things, they would have a hard time defeating them.

"Violet, let's go. It's very risky for us to stay here. This place is too dangerous for us," Austin said to Violet.

Violet nodded, but before they could run toward the exit of the valley, they heard bellowing sounds coming from the surroundings.

Austin and Violet saw three mummies appear from three different directions. One came from a crack in the ground, another crawled out of the trunk of a dead tree, and the last one appeared from behind a wall. These three mummies growled in low voices and tried to surround Austin and Violet.

Seeing the three mummies, Austin and Violet did not feel frightened. On the contrary, they let out a sigh of relief. It was a good thing that there were only three of them.

It wouldn't be difficult for Austin and Violet to defeat three mummies at the same time.

But when the three mummies rushed toward them, Austin realized that while two of the mummies were as strong as the one they had destroyed, the third one was much stronger. In fact, it was almost twice as strong as the one they had destroyed. The black dense miasma it was releasing was much denser and had a stronger stench.

It was obvious that the mummies had different ranks.

Austin started his bodily movement skill and attacked the two weaker mummies first.

While fighting the mummy just now, Austin had understood that the power of mummies lay in their strong physical bodies and their corpse miasma.

Fortunately, Austin's

can get more resources soon!"

Everyone in the tunnel looked excited.

But a moment later, their expressions darkened.

"Shit! The corpse soldier is giving off a signal for help. It seems that one of these cultivators is really powerful. Let's go outside to take a look," one of the men said.

"Don't be hasty. I think this is a good opportunity to test the corpse general we have made, isn't it?" a second man said.

"That's a good idea!"

The other people nodded in agreement with the second man. . . . . .

At this time, Austin was going head to head with the tall mummy.

He wasn't scared of the black corpse miasma being released by the mummy at all. He just kept punching continuously with the force of 8, 000 pounds.

The muscles of the tall mummy had begun to tear off and some of its bones were broken. Its body kept releasing black corpse miasma here and there, like a leaking tank.

The dense black corpse miasma was as smelly as the stench from a rotten body, which could make people feel ill.

A few minutes later, Austin's punches had hacked the whole body of the mummy into pieces. The black corpse miasma it was giving out faded off into nothingness.

Finally, the mummy collapsed motionlessly onto the ground. It couldn't attack Austin any longer.

Austin let out a sigh of relief.

He felt exhausted after taking down the mummy with just his physical strength. This particular mummy had a lot of strength. Austin estimated that it must have had about five or six thousand pounds of strength.

Just then, a small figure appeared on Austin's shoulder with a flash.

It gestured to Austin as if trying to express something to him.

It was the gnome!

The gnome was the one that had led Austin and Violet to the Ghost Valley.

However, ever since they had entered the Ghost Valley, the gnome had disappeared. It had probably gone someplace else to look for treasures.

Austin had met the gnome only a while ago and wasn't attached to it, so he hadn't worried about it much when it had disappeared. He had been more focused on fighting the mummies and getting out of the Ghost Valley in one piece.

In fact, he had forgotten about the gnome altogether and hadn't expected it to show up now.

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