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   Chapter 317 Being Attacked (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6055

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The figure that emerged from the tree was not a living person. Its face was dry and wrinkled, completely dehydrated. It was skinny with deeply set eyes. Two green eyeballs were fixed on them like ghost fire. It was tall and all of its bones could be seen under the skin. It was terrible to look at and would give anyone the creeps.

Austin didn't feel any vitality from it, but there was a thick death breath and the smell of a rotting corpse. However, from its bony body, Austin could feel that it had tremendous strength.

Austin and Violet realized that the rotten odor that they had smelled earlier had emanated from it. It was blocked by the dead wood, so it was not so strong.

Sensing that there was something strange about the dead tree, Austin attacked it with the sword-light. And unexpectedly, the corpse appeared before their eyes.

"What's this?" Violet asked in surprise.

"I have no idea, but I'm quite sure it's not a living person," Austin answered, shaking his head.

While they were talking, their faces turned pale. They were terrified when they saw the withered body in front of them carry a strange expression on its wrinkled face. It seemed to be grinning, but because of its wizened face, the grin seemed very strange and fierce. Suddenly a hoarse voice came from its mouth, "Ho ho…".

The growl was extremely weird and harsh. It was blood-curdling.

Listening to his growl, Violet couldn't stop shivering and hid behind Austin.

Instantly, the withered body pounced on Austin, trying to attack him.

Austin had to react quickly. He brandished his Violet Royal Sword and attacked the corpse with more than thirty rays of sword-light again.

Faced by Austin's attack, the corpse started howling in a low voice. It didn't evade the attack, but crossed its arms

t felt relieved. Austin was not afraid of the weird corpse gas. Rather, he got rid of it, so she had nothing to worry about.

A little far away, the withered body climbed up on a few rocks. Its empty eyes stared at Austin. It didn't understand why the corpse miasma didn't work on Austin.

It had realized that it was not as powerful as Austin. For a moment, the withered body hesitated. It was not sure of what it should do.

Sadly, it was not as clever as man. So, after hesitating for a few moments, it decided to make a move again. It put on the ferocious look again, growled and rushed towards Austin. Baring its teeth and with hands that looked like claws, it was making a mad rush trying to frighten Austin and attack him.

Indeed the figure looked terrifying enough. It had great physical strength and its strange corpse miasma would have certainly scared many. However, it was clumsy in movement and lacked skills. Fighting it was like child's play for Austin.

Austin was not one to be afraid of it anymore now. So he moved in front as quick as a flash.

As the figure approached closer, Austin made a fist and the punch landed on the wrinkled face of the tall, dark figure.

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