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   Chapter 316 Being Attacked (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6147

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Is this where the Ghost Sect is located?

Austin murmured as he looked into the deep valley enveloped in cold and humid mist. He regained his senses after killing the two men and two women who attacked him.

"Austin, there may be the treasure of the Ghost Sect down there. How about going in and searching around?"

Violet proposed with hopeful smile and eager eyes.

"The ghosts are probably the greatest threats here, but we can deal with them easily. That should not be a problem."

Austin also itched to have a go.

"Well, now that we're here, there's no reason to back down. Let's go inside and have a look."

The two of them carefully started to move down the valley. They were not going to let go of a chance to get the treasure.

Along the way, Austin and Violet came across some arrays, but their power had been greatly reduced. They had been there for a long time and that had lessened their impact.

On the other hand, both Austin and Violet had very strong spiritual sense. While they moved forward, they used their spiritual sense to constantly feel the fluctuation in the vital energy in the space ahead. Whenever they felt that there was something wrong, they would quickly take a detour. In this manner, they were able to avoid many arrays that lay in their way.

At times, due to a little misjudgment, they were caught up in some arrays, but they overcame them easily and were finally able to clear the path with their joint efforts.

In Austin's Space Ring, there were thousands of superior vital energy crystals which could absorb vital energy directly, so he didn't need to worry about the exhaustion of his vital energy.

Although they advanced very slowly, they met no other obstacle and were able to move on unhurt.

A day later, the two were able to enter the interior of the Ghost Sec

an unknown reason, he felt that something was wrong.

He was not the only one. Sharing the same feeling, Violet immediately walked up to Austin and searched around alertly with her spiritual sense.

After a while, Austin asked her softly with an odd look on his face, "Do you notice the stinking smell?"

"Yes. It is like something that's rotting." Violet replied. She was apparently aware of it too.

"Sure enough, it's not my illusion. Something is not right here."

Austin quickly drew out his Violet Royal Sword. He struck the withered tree which was nearby with more than thirty rays of sword-light moving at lightning speed.


The sword-light hit the withered tree, leaving many holes on its dry trunk.

As soon as the tree was hit, it growled in a repressed voice. The cry was like the low and deep roar of a beast trapped in a cage. And an evil spirit burst from the inside.

Boom! The tree turned into fine powder with a strong explosion from the inside, and the spirit took the form of tall figure as it appeared before Austin and Violet.

On seeing the face of the figure, both of them froze. There was a strange expression on their faces—an expression of shock and horror.

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