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   Chapter 315 You Are Bringing This On Yourself

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Austin and Violet were both astonished to hear that the valley was where the Ghost Sect once stood. They were also surprised to hear the story of the Ghost Sect's destruction as well.

"Thank you for telling us. I have been here for some time now but I didn't have any idea about what this place was at all. I wouldn't have known if it weren't for you."

Austin said with gratitude.

"Okay, I think this is enough. Why do you need to talk to this man so much?"

The taller man said impatiently while sparing Austin a resentful glance.

"Now that you know what this place is, you should leave as soon as possible. This is a dangerous place and if you're looking for fun, you would not find it here. Get out now if you cherish your life."

The other man shouted at Austin.

Austin was being treated rudely but he still kept his calm.

"Violet, let's leave now."

He took Violet's hand in his and they were about to leave.

"Wait a minute. I asked you to leave, young man, not her. I think we'll have some fun with this beautiful girl first."

The taller man said while staring at Violet with eager eyes.

His two female companions giggled as if they knew what would happen next. It seemed that they were used to this kind of things already.

"Oh? Why should she stay here?"

Austin asked them with a cold look. Their unfriendliness didn't surprise him.

"Fuck! Don't drag your heels any longer and just leave! If you don't leave this instant, I'll send you to hell myself!" the shorter man spat at him impatiently.

The man summoned his vital energy inside from his body and now that he was at the premium stage of the Earth Realm, an invisible and overwhelming wave of strength vibrated through the air. The vibrations were starting to reach Austin and Violet.

"Well, it seems that you're bringing my anger on yourself. I won't show you any mercy." Austin said.

He decided to fight this bastard seriously.

His arrogant words left the four strangers dumbfounded. "What? How dare you talk to us like that?

You really want to die, don't you?"

The taller man shouted at him furiously after a few seconds of silence. He lifted his right hand, which was filled with his vital energy at medium stage of Earth Realm, and stretched it out towards Austin.

At that exact moment, Austin summoned his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle and ordered it to shoot at the man's head.

Austin's spiritual sense was strong enough to cover an area of one thousand meters and because of that, his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle was stronger than ever.

Although the man was at the medium stage of Earth Realm, his soul was very weak compared to Austin's. When he was hit by the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, he was immediately overwhelmed by a sharp pain in the head.

Terrified by that attack, the man covered his head with both of his hands and quickly stepped backwards.

Before he could return to his companions, Austin employed the Wind-commanding Skill and approached him like a menacing phantom.

Austin gathered up his strength and swung at the man. His physical power was strong enough to lift an object of eight million pounds in weight. He released all of that power at the man's chest.

Even though he was a cultivator at medium stage of Earth Realm, the man's body was too weak to withstand Austin's fist. With the sounds of breaking bones, everyone saw that his chest sag

ack flash appeared on his right and hacked at his throat.

With blood gushing out from him like a fountain, his head left his neck and rolled to the ground.

In just a short period of time, Austin already killed two men at the medium stage and premium stage of Earth Realm, respectively.

The two female companions just stared at Austin with terrified looks. They were afraid that he would kill them both as well.

Austin retrieved the Twin Shadow Blades and held the Violet Royal Sword in his hand. He then turned to the two women with a cold expression.

Usually, he wasn't willing to kill women. However, he had killed two members of the Flaming Sun Valley in front of them. If they were to spread the news, Austin's enemies from the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team would surely flock to take revenge.

What's more, Austin could tell from the two women's expressions that they must have done many immoral things in the past.

Because of this, he didn't feel any guilt at the thought of killing them.

When they noticed the cruel glint in Austin's eyes, the two women suddenly started taking off their clothes. In an instant, two naked and attractive bodies revealed themselves to Austin.

"Please don't kill us! We promise that we will give you a really good service. We will satisfy all your needs!"

They begged him pathetically while making sexy poses with their naked bodies. They were trying desperately to seduce Austin.

Admittedly, their attractive bodies aroused Austin and it made him burn with lust.

However, his reason outweighed his desire.

"Violet, deal with them as you like."

He shook his head at her and conveyed his instruction.

"Master, you don't have to suppress yourself. Just go and have a good time! They must be really good and they will surely please you. It's all right!"

Violet teased.

"Violet! Don't be silly!"

Austin spat at her angrily. She was embarrassing him on purpose.

Violet covered her mouth with her hand as she giggled. She then summoned her demonic energy and formed a black shadow of a huge fox claw. In a flash of black, the huge fox claw crashed towards the two women mercilessly.

After the screams of despair, the two dead bodies were found several meters away.

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