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   Chapter 314 The Ghost Valley

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10328

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The ghosts were not that strong, and Austin wiped them out effortlessly. This, however, got the attention of the four people trapped in the array. They immediately spotted Austin and Violet.

The four startled people looked at the two with a frown. Austin grew embarrassed.

There were two women and two men.

Suspicion was shown visibly on their faces. They wondered what Austin and Violet had been up to hiding there. They were clearly annoyed at the fact that they had been trapped for quite a while, but the two delinquents did not even bother to lend a hand. This led them to believe that the two were up to no good. The two were probably planning to do something to them after they broke the array. Staying alert, they stopped attacking the array and carefully watched the two.

After discussing amongst themselves, one of the two women gave Austin an enchanting smile and waved. "Hello there! Would you mind coming over here?"

The other woman also flashed a charming smile.

With his spiritual sense, Austin already knew what they talked about.

The four planned to coax Austin and Violet into coming closer by using the two women's beauty. Then, they would ask the two what they desired, and would promise to give it to them if the two helped them out. After escaping the array, however, they planned to break their promise and deal with Austin and Violet accordingly.

The two men, on the other hand, were clearly enamored by Violet. They gazed at her with lust and laughed lewdly.

Austin knew that they were not to be trusted.

He snorted inwardly and thought, 'I didn't plan to fight you guys, but you are asking for it by plotting against me and Violet. Well, I am here to grant your death wish.'

The four had relatively low cultivation base compared to Austin. Dealing with them would be a piece of cake. For now, he decided to play along.

After they exposed their true colors, Austin would kill them one by one. After all, three of them were from the Flaming Sun Valley.

Because of Raymond and Dwayne, Austin detested the Flaming Sun Valley, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill the members of the sect.

Austin telepathically shared his plans with Violet.

Pretending to be enchanted by the woman who spoke, Austin trotted towards her and greeted her, "Hi, beautiful lady."

The woman covered her mouth with her hand and giggled while winking at him. "Hi, mister. Is this your girlfriend?" she asked, pointing at Violet. Then, she continued, "To tell you the truth, I think I've fallen for you at first sight. It's normal for a man to have mistresses, right?

Besides, you must be used to it. Surely, many girls have fallen for a powerful man like you. Unfortunately, I'm no exception."

This was the first time she and Austin had met. Yet, she acted completely lovestruck, submitting herself immediately to be his mistress. She was quite confident that her looks would sway Austin.

"Really? You must be kidding me," Austin stammered.

Excitement was written all over his face as he stole glances at the women. His cheeks flu

re?" he inquired.

"Mister, have you heard of the Ghost Sect before?" the woman asked.

"Ghost Sect!"

exclaimed Austin as he recalled the sect.

"Okay, it looks like you have. You seem to know something about it. Because you helped us, in return, I'll tell you what you want to know," she offered.

According to the woman, the Ghost Sect was an evil sect of the Violet Orchid Empire. It was an ancient group that was known for its strong power many years ago, and Ghost Valley was its base.

500 years ago, the head of the sect decided that he wanted to put the whole Violet Orchid Empire under his rule, making the Ghost Sect the leader and all the other sects its subsidiaries.

To do this, the members of the Ghost Sect killed numerous cultivators and collected their ghosts for cultivation.

This was because they needed countless ghosts to cultivate their martial skills.

To defend against the Ghost Sect, all the sects and forces, large and small, united together to form an alliance that would resist the Ghost Sect's invasion. For a month, they fought relentlessly. They did not stop until the Ghost Sect was completely wiped out. Now, the Ghost Valley was deserted as its main residents were obliterated. What remains were the ghosts of the cultivators who had been killed by the evil sect. And such was the legend that enfolded this place.

Since then, cultivators journeyed here in flocks in an attempt to search for the hidden treasure of the Ghost Sect. Rumor had it that hidden in some of the caves were enormous amounts of treasure. Hundreds and thousands of people wanted a piece of it.

But the tragedy that took place left Ghost Valley with enormous amounts of negative energy and arrays. What was more, countless ghosts lingered about. Although many people came to search for the treasures, only a few of them succeeded.

But of course, all of it was hearsay. To this day, no one could confirm that this was indeed the home of the Ghost Sect, nor that the Ghost Sect ever did exist in the first place.

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