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   Chapter 313 Watch Out! Ghosts Are Everywhere

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10420

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Austin was much relieved when he realized that what suddenly attacked them was just a ghost. Austin and Violet had a strong spiritual sense power, so they could perceive a ghost even before it could make a move.

Back when he was in the Grand Desolation Mountain, Austin had dealt with ghosts. He met Ghost Sect disciples who tried to take him down by exerting Soul Collection Array. During that fight, he had to handle a legion of ghosts, and thanks to that experience, he was well-prepared to easily defeat any ghost anytime.

Austin found the most efficient way to defeat ghosts when he was trapped in Soul Collection Array. He learned to attack them with spiritual sense since this creature was a form of spiritual souls of humans after all. When a person died, his or her spiritual souls still existed and would turn into a ghost.

With this, spiritual sense was the enemy of ghosts.

Austin wasn't scared to face the ghost even they were the spirit of a dead person. He believed that he could easily beat them once he unleashed his spiritual sense.

Austin returned to his senses. His face darkened as he realized that there was not just one ghost lurking around them.

Defeating a few numbers of spirits would be a no-brainer for Austin. But as he sensed a hundred of ghosts present, Austin felt a slight doubt to his victory. If he ran out of his limited spiritual sense, he would be in grave trouble.

Spiritual sense was much more difficult to replenish than physical strength and vital energy. It would be hard for Austin to manage to fight all of them at the same time.

Aside from that, overusing one's spiritual sense would lead a damage to spiritual soul.

This scenario would be fatal to the cultivator because it was nearly impossible to restore serious injuries to the spiritual soul.

Austin hit his head due to an assault and became mentally ill three years ago. Damages brought to spiritual soul would lead to severe illness and physical damage.

Austin remembered how he suffered back then. He became fully aware of the importance of his spiritual soul and started to avoid using his spiritual sense unless badly needed.

Austin slowly turned around to see Violet's response. He knew that Violet also sensed the presence of an army of ghost. Violet was nearly shaking as she looked tense toward the situation.

Odds were not in their favor this time. After a while, the two were able to confirm their hunch. Wisps of visible white smoke suddenly appeared. It made them shiver by its cold, chilling touch. The smoke billowed out from beneath the earth as if it was awakened by the ghost's screech.

They could notice some of them while others were not visible to the naked eye. It was like a shape of a human without arms and feet. The head was obvious but it had no face. There were hundreds of them that crept out Austin and Violet.

All of a sudden, Violet activated her spiritual sense and Austin couldn't help but perceive its strong sensation. Her spiritual sense quickly aimed at the ghosts surrounding them.

On the other hand, Austin did not waste

are from the Flaming Sun Valley. What do you think they are doing here? Is it because of me? Are they going to kill me?

It's kind of strange. I didn't expect to meet them here," Austin said as he was slightly worried.

"It looks like they came here before we did. I figured they aren't here for you," Violet said in a low voice as she tilted her head.

"You have a point, Violet," Austin agreed.

"From what I can see, they seemed to have trouble breaking the array. Do you want to secretly help them?"

Violet respectfully asked Austin.

"I don't want to," Austin refused as he shook his head.

"I have a grudge against the people in the Flaming Sun Valley. They would have never let go of me.

Its people want me nothing but dead. I have no reason to rescue them in any way. Besides, I think this array can trap them for just a day or two. They will help themselves out," he added.

"This array only traps them, but it doesn't attack them. So they are quite safe for now..."

But before Violet could finish her words, he sensed something different. She turned her head toward Austin and looked in a distance.

Detecting that something was approaching behind them, Austin turned around and his face darkened with what he saw.

Several ghosts flew in their direction. They must have heard the noises coming from the dome. Before the ghosts would reach the dome, they would have passed at Violet and Austin.

Austin was pissed off and gestured at Violet to leave there.

But even before they took off, the ghosts detected them and ferociously looked at their direction. The ghosts wasted no time and rushed into them.

Even though Austin and Violet discovered a good spot to hide, these ghosts still found them because they could target any living creatures.

A cold, fierce look flashed in Austin's eyes. He gradually raised his hand, closed his eyes and used the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle. All of a sudden, needles flew toward the enemies. This place filled with fearful howls by the ghosts as they vanished into thin air.

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