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   Chapter 312 The Gnome

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Violet measured up the little beast curiously, as if it was an incredibly powerful monster.


Austin had never heard of such a thing before.

"Yes. They're very rare. In fact, their species is almost extinct.

The other diabolic beasts said that back in the ancient times, there were many gnomes.

They are good at finding various kinds of precious natural resources because they can sense them.

Gnomes like to eat underground minerals which contain intense spiritual energy."

"Wow! It sounds like they're really special!"

Austin's curiosity had been aroused by Violet's words.

Just then, the gnome pointed at his Space Ring again.

Austin laughed bitterly. He knew that the gnome wanted to eat the crystals in his Space Ring. He had collected these crystals from the round cave, and all of them contained a large amount of spiritual energy.

But since the gnome had found two kinds of precious natural materials for him, Austin didn't want to refuse its request. He took out three more crystals and gave them to the gnome.

The gnome let out a joyful cry before swallowing the crystals immediately.

"Little fellow, we have to say good-bye now," Austin said.

He had decided to hide in the imperial capital city and help the young man fight for the throne in half a year.

He walked toward the direction of the imperial capital city with Violet.

But after taking several dozen steps forward, he realized that the gnome was following closely behind. In fact, it was walking right beside him now.

"You want to go with us?" Austin asked, stopping.

The gnome quickly nodded.

'With this gnome by my side, I'll be able to find many precious natural resources in the future, ' Austin thought to himself excitedly.

He laughed and gestured to the gnome to jump on his shoulder.

The gnome didn't protest. In the blink of an eye, it was perched on Austin's shoulder. The three of them set off on their journey together.

Austin knew that he was being hunted furiously by people from the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team. Both groups must have cultivators who were good at tracking.

He was especially worried about Blood Wolf Team members, who specialized in hunting and killing people. He knew that they would definitely find a way to track him.

To avoid being tracked, he kept choosing small mountain roads in remote mountain ranges along the journey.

A few days later, Austin found himself above a huge valley that covered an area of tens of thousands of miles. Looking at the chilly fog rolling up and down, Austin and Violet frowned.

Although they hadn't entered the valley yet, Austin could tell that it would be hard to resist the cold. When he heard the wind howling like ghosts crying, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Austin planned to change his route to bypass the valley, but the gnome stopped him. It pricked up its ears, twitched its nose, and sniffed carefully. And then, all of a sudden, it grabbed Austin's clothes and pointed at the valley.

Austin was a little surprised by this new development.

danger before being attacked.

She calmed herself down and looked carefully in Austin's direction. To her surprise, Austin was holding a faint and almost invisible figure in his hand. The figure, which was surrounded by rolling vital energy, had a pained look on its face. Its visibility decreased and it kept shrinking until it vanished completely.

"Was that a ghost?" Austin and Violet cried out simultaneously.

They looked at each other and felt a chill run down their spines.

Ghosts were formed from the spiritual souls of creatures when they died. They were like another form of being of these creatures.

Normally, without a body to attach to, the spiritual soul of any creature would be unable to exist for a long time. It would disappear in the air and become a part of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. However, if the spiritual soul was kept in a suitable Secret Weapon or attached to some other creature's body, it wouldn't disappear.

However, the Secret Weapon to store spiritual souls was not easy to refine. And it was extremely dangerous for a spiritual soul to enter another creature's body as it was very likely to be swallowed by the spiritual souls of its new host.

In addition to these two methods, there was another way for a spiritual soul to keep on existing: finding a suitable environment.

As the valley was very cold and moist, the dissipation rate of spiritual souls was very slow. Under these conditions, they could exist for a long time and finally become ghosts.

But when a spiritual soul was transformed into a ghost, it would lose its wits and would only follow its instinct.

Ghosts were very aggressive and treated all living things as their enemies. It was hard to kill them without proper magical skill or a Secret Weapon.

The Golden Sun Scripture Austin had cultivated was a prime masculinity formula, so the light golden vital energy he released was able to suppress the ghosts. Other cultivators who hadn't cultivated such formulas wouldn't be able to destroy the ghosts as easily as he had.

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