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   Chapter 311 A Thousand-Year-Old Fleece-flower (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7336

Updated: 2019-07-03 00:52

What? Is it really that amazing?

Austin was glad and excited to hear this piece of information.

"Believe me, master. We should carefully store it for future use. You'll never know when it might come handy," Violet urged.

"But I'm afraid that we must keep it in a bottle or a box made of jade, for it has the cunning ability to escape other types of containers except the ones I have initially mentioned," she warned seriously.

Austin was again surprised with this fact. On second thought, this was nothing strange since precious things always required extra care. So he took out from the Space Ring a jade box and placed the fleece-flower in it.

Beside them, the little beast who had been quietly watching the unfolding events looked quite happy and satisfied, seeing that Austin had caught the fleece-flower. It suddenly jumped up and down in front of him, like a dog who suddenly got excited over a piece of bone.

Now, it was clear that this little beast had led them all the way here to find this valuable herb. Austin wouldn't have been able to find this herb if it weren't for the insistent little beast. If it were ever discovered by other cultivators, they would definitely come scrambling for it like hungry wolves out for sport, just like how they went crazy and scrambled for the celestial energy ginseng found in the Grand Desolation Mountain not long ago.

From Austin's point of view, this thousand-year-old fleece-flower could actually be more valuable than the celestial energy ginseng.

After walking on air for a while, the little beast suddenly waved at Austin again.

Austin got excited with the beast's action, but he thought twice and asked it doubtfully, "What's the matter? Are you going to lead us to another treasure?"

The little beast gave a smart nod in confirmation, then immediately dashed towards another direction.

Pleasantly surprised, Austin and Violet chased after it again. Another hour later, they came upon a waterfall. The scenery was simply breathtaking. The waterfall seemed like a fine piece of silk from the heaven flowing elegantly down, with its end touching a deep pool which made splashing sounds. The sunshine proje

be three to four thousand pounds!

Moreover, Austin felt a stream of electricity surging through him as soon as he touched the stick, as if the energy of thunder and lightning condensed in it was resonating with him. This resonance had produced more thunder and lightning surrounding the stick, and had started producing such lights around Austin.

He still had no idea what this stick could be and in what way he could use it, but one thing was for sure--it was not just an ordinary toy, but another rare and extraordinary treasure.

After racking his brains trying to figure out how to use the stick, Austin finally decided to put it in the Space Ring. He promised to check it out sometime in the future when he could get more information about it.

Having placed the treasure away, Austin turned and looked at the little beast. It was almost dancing like it was quite pleased with itself because of what it did for him.

'What on earth are you?' Austin was now eager to know more about it. After all, no common beasts of his knowledge seemed to have a keen nose for locating rare and powerful objects in this world.

"Well, master..." Violet suddenly said, "I might actually know what it is."

Violet fixed her eyes on the beast with her brows knitted together, as though she was confirming her wild guess.

"Oh? What is it then?"

Austin asked anxiously after saying nothing in amazement for a while.

"It is probably a gnome!"

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