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   Chapter 310 A Thousand-Year-Old Fleece-flower (Part One)

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To Austin's utter disappointment, neither he nor Violet could identify the strange little beast in front of them. Neither of them had encountered or even heard of such a creature.

"Well, we have lingered in this cave for a couple of days already, and I think it's time for us to go," Austin said, giving up on studying the little beast. Although neither of them could recognize it, it seemed quite cute and adorable from Austin's perspective, and he somehow grew fond of it.

So he decided to leave it alone instead of bringing it along, and leave the place at once.

But to his surprise, the little creature suddenly hopped out of the cave. It took a few steps before looking back at the two of them. The creature then waved at him with its small paw, earnestly, which left Austin confused and amazed. It took Austin quite a while to realize what it was trying to say to them.

It actually wanted Austin to follow it somewhere which was beyond weird.

Seeing that the little beast acted so much like human beings, Austin's interest immediately peaked. But he was still not sure whether he really understood what it meant. Pointing to himself, he curiously asked, "Did you just ask me to follow you?"

The little thing nodded vigorously like an eager child who just got the attention of an adult, which had added to its cuteness. It then turned and hopped on quickly.

Austin was very much intrigued. Without thinking twice, he ran out of the cave and followed the little beast, the curious Violet on his heels. He was very eager to find out where the beast wanted him to go.

The beast sped up after they got out of the cave. Before Austin and Violet could catch up with it, the little beast suddenly jumped across the cliff and raced through the obstacle course.

The two of them had to use bodily movement skill to try to catch up with it. The little beast was incredibly fast. The fact that its size was small had only added to its agility. It was like a whizzing ball of fur in the distance. It darted in the mountains like an arrow, and at every turn of the road Austin thought that they were going to lose track of it. They never managed to catch up with it until after an hour of playing follow the leader, when they reach


The fleece-flower kept struggling to free itself, its human-like face contorting as it concentrated on squirming. But Austin was gripping it so tightly that its escape was simply impossible.

"My gosh! It's a thousand-year-old fleece-flower!"

exclaimed Violet, who had been observing it for some time.

"You know what this thing is?" Austin asked, his voice filling with complete excitement.

"Of course, and I'm sure about it! It's a real treasure, both magical and very rare to find!"

Violet almost shouted excitedly, like she had discovered some exciting new animal. She stared at the fleece-flower intently with her eyes as round as moon, as it writhed in Austin's hand. Based on her reaction and utter fascination, one could deduce that she was in fact telling the truth.

"I have lived in deep mountains and forests for a long time, long enough to have an extensive knowledge about many rare and valuable herbs. For all I know, this fleece-flower has already shape-shifted and taken a human form, and is able to develop cognitive skills. It usually takes a thousand years for a fleece-flower to develop and change into such a treasure," Violet continued to explain.

"You have refined at the premium stage of Earth Realm now, my master, soon you will make it to the Mysterious Realm. And when you are close to a breakthrough, taking this fleece-flower could rather increase the probability of success by thirty to forty percent," she added enthusiastically.

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