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   Chapter 309 A Strange Beast

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After collecting the vital energy crystals, Austin and Violet searched around the circular cave again but found nothing. There seemed to be no more crystals left.

Using his fists, Austin punched the wall and soon, a hole of two meters deep appeared in front of them, yet nothing was found. It seemed that all the crystals had been collected by them.

So, they decided to return to their cave.

"Well, I'll try these superior vital energy crystals that can be refined next!"

It was perfect timing. He had just lost most of his vital energy, but now, he had gotten so many superior vital energy crystals that could be used directly for cultivation.

Out of those, 5, 000 vital energy crystals would be enough for his cultivation.

He gave Violet 1, 000 crystals for her cultivation and told her that she could ask him for more after she used them up.

As soon as Violet received the crystals, she returned to the Illusion Bead to focus on her cultivation.

When she had first met Austin, Austin was just a warrior at the sixth or seventh level of Energy Gathering Realm, but now, he had already reached the premium stage of Earth Realm, which made Violet feel a little upset and jealous.

She wanted to spend all her time practicing so that she could catch up with him.

Meanwhile, Austin sat cross-legged, holding a crystal in each of his hands. As he directed his strength to his hands through concentration, he felt two streams of extremely pure vital energy being directly absorbed by his body.

"The vital energy of heaven and earth is so pure," Austin exclaimed out loud.

Then, he relaxed and began to absorb the energy of the two crystals attentively.

The crystals were only the size of his fist, but they contained a lot of vital energy of heaven and earth. About two and a half hours later, Austin had absorbed all the energy of the crystals in his hands.

He had regained about 80% of the vital energy in the energy meridians in his body.

Then, he took out another two crystals from the Space Ring, held them in his hands, and began to absorb their energy.

After absorbing the energy of six fist-sized crystals, he felt that the vital energy in his body had returned to its peak state. Vital energy could warm and nourish the body, so after it returned to its peak state, Austin felt energetic and refreshed.

When he lightly clenched his fist, he felt the strength of his body rise.

His bones hummed like the light beat of a drum.

Even though Austin had replenished the vital energy in his energy meridians, he continued to take out crystals from the Space Ring and absorb their energy one by one. The energy he absorbed now would be stored in the vital energy stone in the elixir field.

Back in Sun Mountain, he had almost exhausted the energy stored in the vital energy stone in order to shake off Dwayne and Abbott.

Now, it

tals he had found in the circular cave, there was a flash of grey light. The next moment, Austin found that his hand was empty. The beast had grabbed the crystal before he even realized what it was doing!

Austin was taken aback. The beast was so fast that he had barely even seen it move. It had taken the crystal away with a flash of grey light. In fact, the beast was too fast to be perceived even by spiritual sense.

If the beast attacked him at this speed, he definitely wouldn't be able to escape.

At this thought, Austin's face stiffened. He regarded the beast thoughtfully.

The beast held the crystal in its paws, intoxicated by its success like a libertine stealthily entering the room of a girl or a hungry man seeing a table full of dishes.

After sniffing the crystal dramatically, the beast opened its mouth and swallowed the crystal as a whole, much to Austin's astonishment.

Then, it licked the corners of its mouth with its tongue, as if recollecting the pleasant flavor of the crystal.

After it was done, it looked up at Austin with pitiful eyes and alternated between pointing at Austin's Space Ring and its mouth.

Austin was speechless.

He took out another crystal and threw it to the beast. Again, the beast sniffed the crystal dramatically before swallowing it.

It begged for one more crystal before finally stopping.

Austin was pained to see the beast gulp down three of these crystals so easily. After all, these crystals were rich in vital energy and were very valuable.

Fortunately, after eating three crystals, the beast touched its belly with satisfaction and stopped asking for more.

Suddenly, something occurred to Austin.

He usually used his mind to perceive what was stored in the Space Ring.

But strangely, the beast had known that there were crystals in his Space Ring at just a glance.

"Violet, do you know what kind of beast this is?"

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