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   Chapter 308 The Superior Vital Energy Crystal (Part Two)

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Rummaging through all his Space Rings, Austin selected the elixirs that could speed up his vital energy replenishment, and then he put the others back in his Space Rings.

Ever since he entered the premium stage of the Earth Realm, the size of the light ball in his elixir field had expanded a lot. At the moment, the inner diameter of the light ball had reached about half feet long, which was a remarkable achievement for Austin.

Once Austin transmitted his intent to the light ball, the light ball in his elixir field began to glow with warm, soft light. Then, within seconds, the light ball moved and came slowly out of his body and stopped right above the elixirs. As if the light ball was magnetic, it started to absorb those elixirs into its body. Every time it swallowed a pill of elixir, its color became brighter than before.

All these elixirs that Austin had gotten were not precious, valuable things. Their level was pretty low and they contained very little vital energy inside. In a short while, all the elixirs that were placed in front of him had been absorbed by the light ball.

Once it was done, Austin returned his light ball to his elixir field. He could now feel that the volume of the vital energy in his body had increased. However, it was still far from enough. He sighed helplessly. To replenish his vital energy quickly, he now needed to use his refining formula to absorb the vital element of heaven and earth from the nature and in order to do that, he would consume more of the vital energy that was left and that would wear him out.

He didn't have much of a choice. So upon assessing the situation he was in, he decided to give it a try. Sitting down cross-legged, he put his Golden Sun Scripture into action. In a short while, a gust of chilly, piercing vital energy wind blew through the cave and started to warp Austin in its circle.

Feeling the wind, his veins tightened and his pores swelled. After a moment, the vital energy wind that was generated from nature bored into Austin's body. He could only compare the feeling to a person who had finally got water to drink after being lost in the desert for several days. Austin felt a remarkable effect. The vital energy went right down to his feet and the sensation provided him with full strength and clarity.

Once Austin recovered and regained his energy, he was more aware of his surroundings. He started noticing that the spiritual energy contained in the cave was unnaturally abundant and the volume of vital energy was noticeably dense.

He remembered the cultivation room of the Energy-gathering Array in the Sun Sect. The vital energy contained in that room was also notably abundant. But in comparison, the vital energy in here was at least ten times more than that in the cultivation room.

Austin realized that the whirl of vital energy completely surrounded him, and his body could absorb them easily with no effort.

He regretted a little for not detecting the vital energy before wasting his elixirs.

But there was no taking back his actions. He diverted his attention from the elixirs and tried to investigate the source of the vital energy.

There was something abnormal about the cave. He could feel it, but he could not tell precisely what was abnormal about it.

With no one present to consult with, he called Violet.


original excitement they felt gradually faded. The repeated motion stiffened their muscles and they began digging out the vital energy crystals and putting them into the Space Ring more mechanically than intentionally.

"I am so exhausted, master," murmured Violet, pouting her lips.

She rubbed her ridged wrist and drew a deep breath.

"I know, Violet. Just hold on a little longer. You know we will make a big fortune. Let's dig all the vital energy crystals out of the wall. I believe there are few left now," Austin consoled Violet in a soft voice.

In all honesty, he was as tired as she was and dying to have a rest.

They continued digging, without taking a break, until when they dug about another five feet further, the superior vital energy crystal was no longer available. They seemed to have dug out all of them.

However, as they reached the end, a circular cave of about two feet in diameter suddenly appeared in front of them.

When they peeked, they saw a small pile of fist-sized crystals lay on the ground, emitting a soft, holy light. A stream of dense spiritual energy of heaven and earth filled the atmosphere. Once Austin and Violet got close to the cave, they breathed in the spiritual energy and suddenly, the heavy weariness they had felt for so long vanished in an instant and they were as strong and energetic as they were before.

"What are these?"

Austin and Violet cried out simultaneously in awe and amazement. The crystals were bigger in size than the ones they had been digging so far and as for the volume of vital energy, these crystals seemed to contain vital energy greater than the superior vital energy crystals.

Both Austin and Violet were excited and confused.

'Could these be a more valuable type of vital energy crystal than the superior vital energy crystal?' they wondered.

It was the first time they had seen such big crystals, so they did not understand what exactly these crystals were.

They however, looked like they were more valuable and precious. So they took them all and put them into the Space Ring.

Austin counted as he put them into the Space Ring one by one. There were about a hundred of these big crystals, and now they were Austin's.

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