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   Chapter 306 Fleeing From Sun Mountain

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Having reached Mysterious Realm, Dwayne owned the Soul Sea. Realizing that he couldn't catch Austin, Dwayne unleashed his spiritual sense to attack him.

Fortunately, Austin could tell right away that Dwayne's spiritual sense was not as strong as his.

Without hesitation, Austin threw a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle at Dwayne, piercing his spiritual sense.

A shock went through Dwayne's body. He paused in midair, a look of amazement crossing his features.

How was that possible?

His surprise was because he had hardly broken into Austin's Soul Sea when a purer and stronger spiritual sense had attacked his.

A mere touch had caused damage to his spiritual sense, which had cracked, unable to resist the attack.

Was it Austin who had released the spiritual sense?

No! Impossible! Austin had only just reached the premium stage of Earth Realm. How could he possibly own spiritual sense? Besides, this spiritual sense was too strong, even stronger than his. Could this belong to Austin, whose cultivation base was much lower than his?

After a brief moment of shock, Dwayne recovered his wits. But Austin was already out of reach. Flapping his vulture wings, Austin flew quickly towards the other side of Sun Mountain.

Both Dwayne and Abbott turned pale with fury. Without bidding farewell to the elders of the Sun Sect, they signaled to their subordinates to retreat. They walked out of the yard and left Sun Mountain in a hurry.

Both of them took the direction that Austin had fled away in. They didn't give up the chase.

The moment he arrived at the foot of Sun Mountain, Dwayne turned around and shouted a command.

"All the top fighters of Flaming Sun Valley should set out at once to chase Austin. Be sure to bring him to me."

At almost the same time, Abbott issued the same order to the members of the Blood Wolf Team.

"Elites of the Blood Wolf Team, your mission now is to catch Austin. He is wanted dead or alive!"

"Hah! Blood Wolf Team's rudeness is known to all. But I never expected that the members of Flaming Sun Valley would also be so impolite," one of the elders of Sun Sect who was offended by Dwayne and Abbott's discourtesy said. They had left without paying their obeisance or saying goodbye.

The elder who was dressed up as a nun, surnamed Li, sneered coldly.

"Hah-hah! How wonderful! Austin really impressed me. I never thought that he could get away with all of this, safe and sound!"

Satisfied and relaxed, another elder said loudly, his face aglow.

"Just look at their faces as they slink away! It's the best!

They had bullied us to no end these past few days. I'm fed up with their surliness and arrogance.

Austin is just a disciple of the Sun Sect, but they just could not harm him.

What a relief!"

"Austin is very talented. What a pity that he has split off from the Sun Sect," Theon said.

Theon felt a profound feeling of loss. He and Austin had been quite congenial and he appreciated the youngster in every aspect: his disposition, strength, and potential. If such a thing hadn't happened, he had really wanted to accept Austin as a disciple and bring out the best in him.

Everyone was feeling relieved, except Jaime. Face clouded, he stared sullenly in the directio

As he went forward at full speed, Austin found many low-level diabolic beasts inhabiting the forest. Most of them were only at level 2 or level 3.

Austin hadn't come across any level 4 beasts yet.

In a forest filled with diabolic beasts, it was not easy to find somewhere he could rest without being disturbed.

But Austin was lucky enough.

He found a good place to settle down before dusk.

Tramping through the undergrowth, he came to a flat piece of open land. In front of him there was a three or four-meter-wide crack on the mountain.

Austin came up slowly to the edge of the crack. As he looked down, all he could see was a bottomless abyss.

He raised his head and his gaze swept rapidly over the opposite cliff. Suddenly, a dark cave attracted his attention.

The cave was dozens of meters away from the top of the mountain. It didn't look like a man-made cave. Rather, it looked like some diabolic beast had opened it with its sharp claws and great strength.

"Oh I can't believe what I've found!" Austin exclaimed as his eyes widened. It was the perfect shelter for him. Mist hovered around the cave so hiding in it wouldn't expose him even if somebody passed by.

Austin stared at the dark cave, his eyes bright with excitement. There were many dark caves like that on the cliff, but the one he had his eyes on was at the most favorable location.

Mists and fog swirled about the cave, hindering sight. So even if observed from the opposite cliff, the cave was not easy to find. It was a perfect hiding place.

Nevertheless, diabolic beasts were numerous in this boundless forest. So maybe the cave was a den of some beast. He had to be careful or he might be attacked.

To be on the safe side, Austin released his spiritual sense to explore the cave.

Just as he had expected, a beast crouching on the rock appeared in his Soul Sea.

Austin recognized it immediately.

It was a double-headed snake hawk, level 2.

"Forgive me. You'll have to find another home," Austin said as a sly smile crossed his face.

His feet tapped on the ground and his body darted towards the cave, like a lightning splitting the clear sky.

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