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   Chapter 305 Another Grand Pagoda

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When Theon, the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect, and the other Elders saw Abbott, the captain of the Blood Wolf Team, exert his whole energy to attack Austin, they were sure that Austin would be dead meat soon.

Apart from Jaime, all the senior members of the Sun Sect appreciated Austin's gift after they saw the real vital energy and cultivation base he possessed. But they thought that it was a pity that the Bloody Palm Abbott had formed was going to destroy a talent like Austin in the blink of an eye.

Under the pressure of the one-acre Bloody Palm, Austin frowned. He suddenly folded his arms across his chest and flapped them like a butterfly.

In a seemingly instantaneous burst of energy, another six-layered Grand Pagoda appeared over Austin's palm.

"What?! How?!"

"How could this be possible?"

"How could he form another Grand Pagoda?"

When the crowd saw Austin form another Grand Pagoda, they were shocked and began murmuring among themselves.

Most of the people gathering there might be only a little surprised, but the senior members of the Sun Sect couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was well known to everyone in the Sun Sect. All the senior members knew that the disadvantage of using this skill was that forming a Grand Pagoda would consume about seventy percent of a cultivator's vital energy.

Austin had formed a Grand Pagoda just a while ago, so he must have used up seventy percent of his vital energy already. Logically speaking, he should only have thirty percent of his vital energy left. That was the very reason why Theon and the others had thought that Abbott's Bloody Palm would definitely kill Austin.

Besides, Abbott had a big advantage over Austin in terms of cultivation base. Abbott was at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm while Austin was only at the premium stage of Earth Realm. Killing Austin, who had only thirty percent of his vital energy now, would be as easy as winking for Abbott.

However, the very fact that Austin had instantaneously formed another Grand Pagoda shocked everyone in the Sun Sect to the core.

None of them could believe that he had managed to use the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill twice at such a short interval.

They wondered how Austin had done this.

They had been shocked enough to find out that Austin was at the premium stage of Earth Realm. Now, he had given them another surprise.

'What an extraordinary guy!'

the senior members marveled in their minds.

The truth was, Austin had replenished his vital energy with the vital energy stone in his elixir field just then, so his vital energy was back to one hundred percent now.

And he was able to form a Grand Pagoda at such a high speed because of his persistent practice.

As soon as the six-layered Grand Pagoda was formed, Austin channeled his vital energy on his palm to raise the pagoda. The next second, the pagoda shot up at the Bloody Palm like a bullet.


The Bloody Palm rocked unsteadily when the pagoda crashed into it. This gave Austin a little time to

"Look! Austin formed another Grand Pagoda!" some of the people watching exclaimed in surprise.

It seemed that Austin had an inexhaustible supply of vital energy.

When the senior members of the Sun Sect looked at the fourth pagoda over Austin's palm, their jaws dropped and they began murmuring among themselves.

Austin channeled his vital energy to his palm to shoot the fourth pagoda at the aggressive Bloody Palm.

The second the pagoda shot into the air, Austin stood on tiptoe and exerted his Wind-commanding Skill. Then, he fleetly glided backward.


The pagoda smashed against the Bloody Palm.

"Abbott, Dwayne, and Jaime, you'll see! I'll always remember what you did to me today! You will pay a bitter price for this in the future," Austin said with a laugh as he activated his vital energy.

With a gentle crack, a big pair of wings grew out of Austin's back. He flapped his wings and flew into the air at once.

Everyone was stunned by what they were seeing now.

Abbott and Dwayne, however, immediately reacted to the very fact that Austin was trying to escape.

Both of them activated their vital energy force and flew toward Austin.

Cultivators of Mysterious Realm could use their vital energy force to fly in the air for a while.

It was obvious to them that Austin was running away as soon as they saw his wings.

There was no way they could let him go that easily.

Austin smiled when he saw them chasing after him. He channeled his vital energy into his wings along his back. His wings sped up at once and Austin shot into the sky like a bullet.

He was far away from Dwayne and Abbott, who were still near the Sun Sect. Neither of them had been able to keep up with him.

"You take it too easy, bastard! But you have no way to run now!"

Dwayne sneered when he saw Austin picking up the pace.

His eyes flashed violently.

All of a sudden, Austin could feel a force of spiritual sense bursting into his Soul Sea.

And then, the force of spiritual sense began to attack.

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