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   Chapter 304 Drop Out Of The Sun Sect

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9649

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All of a sudden, all the people present looked at Theon.

After all, he was the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect while Austin was a disciple in the Sun Sect. As long as they were in the Sun Sect's territory, Theon's attitude would determine Austin's fate.

Austin knew that Theon was caught in the middle now. He was a little touched to see that Theon cared about him to some extent.

"Ha! Mr. Xiang, don't worry.

I'll take responsibility for the death of Raymond and the other six Wolf Generals. It has nothing to do with the Sun Sect.

From now on, I, Austin Lin, am not a disciple of the Sun Sect. I'm dropping out."

There was an audible gasp from the crowd.

Austin continued, "So, Dwayne and Abbott, if you want to retaliate, you have to deal with me!

And Jaime, you bastard! Many years ago, you played a dirty trick on me and caused me to lose my intellect for three years. I'll definitely get back at you for that.

Mr. Xiang, I really appreciate your efforts to try to protect me.

Before I leave the Sun Sect, I hope that you can do me a favor.

I hope that you can protect outer disciple Evan and Herbert, and keep them safe."

Theon looked at Austin with a grave expression on his face.

"Austin, you're going to drop out of the Sun Sect?

Evan and Herbert are both our disciples, so I will protect them for sure.

However, you were reckless to say that you will leave the Sun Sect," he said after recovering from the shock.

"Thank you for your promise, Mr. Xiang.

Dwayne, Abbott, and Jaime, I guess you'll have to deal with me personally. I'm not afraid of you at all! Come on!" Austin yelled.

He had made up his mind to take all the responsibility for his deeds. He knew he could provoke them by doing this.

"Oh, wow, what a hero," Abbott said sarcastically with a sneer. "Since you've confessed to your crime, I won't spare you!"

Then, he launched a strike.

Suddenly, there was a giant bloody palm floating over Austin's head. It was at least 300 square meters in size. The stinking, bloody palm contained formidable energy that made everyone in the vicinity feel sick.

What was worse, they could hear the wails and screams of sorrowful ghosts and evil spirits who were trapped inside the palm. Any martial artist who was weak-minded would be terror-stricken to see it. He might even lose his mind.

Austin could feel the fluctuation of the formidable vital energy force inside the bloody palm.

He couldn't help thinking that the vital energy force of a Mysterious Realm martial artist was way too superior to that of an Earth Realm martial artist.

"Austin, since you're not a disciple of the Sun Sect anymore, it means that the Sun Sect can't interfere even if I kill you, right?"

Abbott sneered and pressed his hand down into the air. Mirroring Abbott's action, the bloody palm descended straight

tion base, so they could clearly tell that Austin's vital energy force was at the premium stage of Earth Realm and not level nine of Energy Gathering Realm like they had previously believed.

How? How could it be?

Everyone present, including Abbott, was at a loss for words. They gawked at Austin like he was some kind of monster.

"How is it possible?" one man asked.

"This boy has been hiding it all this time?"

Dwayne asked in disbelief.

"Genius! We have a genius in the Sun Sect!"

one of the Elders in the Sun Sect murmured.

"Austin! It turns out that your cultivation base is at the premium stage of Earth Realm! No wonder you could kill six Wolf Generals in the Blood Wolf Team!"

Until a few moments ago, everyone had assumed that Austin was at level nine of Energy Gathering Realm. Even though his behavior was fearless and courageous, they had thought that he had nothing but guts and that he was just a nobody whose fate was controlled by others.

Now, they realized that Austin's cultivation base was actually at the premium stage of Earth Realm.

Cultivators at the premium stage of Earth Realm were considered very strong throughout the entire Violet Orchid Empire.

Finally getting over the shock, Abbott laughed.

"Well done, boy, you've hidden your true capability successfully! But unfortunately for you, I can still kill you easily!"

"Go to hell!" Austin retorted.

Once again, the giant bloody palm buzzed with energy and started to descend toward Austin.

This time, Abbott put all his energy into it without holding anything back.

The limitless vicious energy almost enveloped Austin. It was so strong that he was unable to defend himself.

He felt like he couldn't breathe.

"Oh, no! Austin is going to die!" a man yelled.

"What a pity! He is a rare genius in the Sun Sect. But he's going to die now. It's our loss!" another one said.

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