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   Chapter 303 Hurl Questions (Part Two)

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Ha ha ha! Deny? Why should I deny it? I always do what I think right, and I have no guilty conscience!

By the way, my pursuit of martial arts is to go forward all the way. There's no danger that could stop me. I won't regret that I have killed those guys!

I won't even deny it just because of fear!

It's not my style!

Yes! I killed the six Wolf Generals and Raymond. I also killed Johnson!

Why? Because they deserve to die.

Feel free to take revenge on me. I won't escape!

A fearless loud laugh escaped from Austin's chest while standing before the masters.

He might look skinny but then his voice was aggressive as it echoed in the courtyard.

His shocking words and arrogant remarks stunned the crowd for a moment.

"Sure enough, you murdered my grandson, Raymond. I will take revenge on you today!"

Dwayne was outraged.

"Well, you are really brave. These cases are easier to deal with now that you have admitted them!"

Sarcasm was dripping from Abbott's words as he spoke.

"Killing Johnson is a capital crime!"

Jaime's voice sounded gloating.

"Theon, now that Austin has admitted that he killed my only grandson Raymond, what do you want to say?"

Dwayne gave Theon a knowing stare.

Silently though, Dwayne's rudeness infuriated Theon. Thus, he thought, 'Damn it! Although you are the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley and your power was stronger than that of the Sun Sect, it doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want with us!'

"Austin, can you tell us what happened? Just tell us the truth and don't hold back.

I assure you that the sect will not let you face the situation alone if it is not your fault."

Theon completely ignored Dwayne since he was angry with the latter.

"How dare you!

ui Clan for the past three generations. However, he was killed by this disgusting man, Austin. We wouldn't mind if you really want to protect him. Nonetheless, let me warn you that we won't let this situation as it is."

said Dwayne as an evil smile cracked his lips.

"Ha ha! The core of the Blood Wolf Team is its Thirteen Wolf Generals. However, we had a total of six Wolf Generals killed by Austin. The Sun Sect will need to pay dearly if they really want to protect this murderer.

Hum! We, the Blood Wolf Team, have no other skill except for assassination. I bet that it would be very dangerous for the Sun Sect disciples to do something as simple as going out in the future."

Dwayne and Abbott's words were full of hate.

"Why are you threatening us, Dwayne? Abbot?"

As the leader of the Sun Sect, Theon knew that it wouldn't be smart to offend the Elders of the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team. Offending the two would mean putting the Sun Sect's future in great danger.

"Don't be so emotional, Leader! Please consider the interest of the whole sect!"

Jaime reminded Theon. He was actually afraid that Theon might side with Austin.

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