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   Chapter 302 Hurl Questions (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5944

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In the courtyard, the leader of the Sun Sect, Theon, and six Elders of the Sun Sect, as well as the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley, Dwayne, and the head of the Blood Wolf Team, Abbott, were all around Austin.

In the face of so many masters, Austin seemed very calm and confident because he had planned how to deal with the situation.

"Glad to see you all, Leader Theon and everyone."

Austin bowed a little low to everyone. He was one of the principal disciples of the Sun Sect after all. Thus, he had to show respect whenever he saw the high-level people of the Sun Sect.

"Hum! Do you still respect us?"

asked Jaime coldly.

"Leader, these people are not disciples of the Sun Sect. Why did they break into the residence of our disciples to interrogate? This is our turf!"

replied Austin as he pointed at the scattered corpses of the Flaming Sun Valley's and Blood Wolf Team's disciples.

"This house was Evan's and Herbert's private place. However, over the past two days, these outsiders who don't even belong to the Sun Sect broke in here over and over again to cross-examine Evan and Herbert.

Excuse me, Leader. But how can it be allowed in our turf that our disciples were treated like that by a group of outsiders?

What's going on? I don't understand this at all!"

Austin exclaimed.

"Hum! This is all because of you. These people are disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team. You have committed many sins. Thus, they came here to hunt you down. They want to punish you for your crimes! So stop arguing!"

Jaime yelled furiously upon seeing Austin's attitude.

"But Elder Jaime, I am a disciple of the Sun Sect. Regardless if I made a lot of mistakes, is it good to let outsiders get their hands on me?

ng like that. Since you have killed my grandson Raymond, you deserve whatever you get.

Don't try to deny it!"

Dwayne opened his eyes wide to scornfully stare at Austin.

"Hum! Austin, you killed our six Wolf Generals and a large group of members. Don't try to deny it."

Abbott added more insult as he sneered with a gloomy face.

"I don't care about the situation between you and the outsiders. However, you are involved in steward Johnson's death.

It is my duty as an elder of the Sun Sect to interrogate you.

Don't try to deny it!"

Jaime looked at Austin with extreme disgust. He had plotted to maim Austin as he thought that the man would just spend his whole life as a worthless fool.

However, Austin unexpectedly recovered from that attack a few years later and improved to a higher level quickly. That made Jaime very upset.

Jaime also found out that Austin had great potentials in him. He didn't need any competitors. Thus, he was more than eager to kill Austin.

Austin just looked coldly at the crowd after hearing all the accusations against him. Ironically, he was calm. A sneer even showed at the corner of his mouth before he said,

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