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   Chapter 301 How Audacious You Are (Part Two)

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Then, Austin took a million vital energy crystals from his Space Ring and divided them into two. He wanted Evan and Herbert to have five hundred thousand vital energy crystals each.

Evan and Herbert were too stunned to utter a word. They just stared at the shining vital energy crystals before their eyes, not blinking and in total awe. Their hearts were beating so fast as if it was about to pump out of their chests.

"Tin, you really made a fortune?"

Evan and Herbert both asked at the same time, gulping with their eyes widened.

"It's not that much, all right? Calm down, will you? I didn't make a fortune." Austin shook his head helplessly at them.

"Tin, I have never seen so many vital energy crystals in my life. They are just perfect."

Evan almost drooled after seeing so many vital energy crystals all at once, even more being blessed with half a million of them.

"Yeah, and they look so beautiful. It seems that I will be sleeping on the vital energy crystals for quite a long time."

Herbert's mouth also watered at the thought of the crystals.

Austin couldn't help but frown upon hearing their words.

"Don't be so dramatic. If you don't put the vital energy crystals in your Space Rings right now, I will take them back."

As soon as he heard Austin, Herbert immediately used the method the former had taught him. In his flickering will, he put the five hundred thousand vital energy crystals in his Space Ring.

"Tin, I know you, you wouldn't take them back, right?"

Herbert pretended to be confident about it, but his action showed the opposite.

While Herbert was talking, Evan also put his own five hundred thousand vital energy crystals in his Space Ring.

"Evan, Herbert, the five hundred thousand vital energy crystals are for you to enhance your strength and power. I hope that you two will stay low pro

be outstanding at all. In fact, he looked just like a regular young martial artist whom one could find in every sect.

However, unlike them, Austin held his own and was extremely calm in front of so many skilled and powerful martial artists. This made everyone feel strange and even think that perhaps he could be special after all.

"You are Austin? You are the one who killed my grandson Raymond? And you are also the one who killed the people of the Flaming Sun Valley? How audacious you are, young man!"

Seeing the person who killed his grandson standing in front of his eyes, Dwayne felt like he was bursting in total rage. His outcry echoed in the entire yard.

"Huh, of course, he's so damn audacious!"

Abbott also stared at Austin with intense eyes full of hatred. His gaze was like a knife, hoping to pierce a hole in Austin's body. A sly smirk appeared on his face, making him look even more dangerous.

"Austin, how dare you ignore your elders! Why are you still standing? Kneel!"

Jaime commanded in a loud voice.

"Austin, the bodies on the ground, you killed them all? What the hell happened?"

Theon, the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect, asked. He was speechless at the sight of horror in Austin's yard.

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