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   Chapter 300 How Audacious You Are (Part One)

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Inside the conference hall of the Sun Sect, Sect Leader Theon, the six elders, the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley, and the leader of the Blood Wolf Team, were all present.

"Sect Leader Xiang, it has already been two days. Why haven't you found Austin yet?

Are you protecting him by keeping his whereabouts from us?

Huh! You have to remember that he killed my grandson Raymond! You can never save him no matter how badly you want to.

Don't play any tricks!"

Dwayne, the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley, had always been very short-tempered. Now that Austin killed his beloved grandson, he was much more enraged and wanted so badly to get his revenge. Unfortunately, to his utmost dismay, he didn't know where Austin was.

The people of high positions in the Sun Sect all frowned at Dwayne's remarks. They were not happy with his words at all.

Dwayne had just disrespected the Sun Sect by implying that they were intentionally hiding his grandson's killer. To make it worse, he had been nothing but rude towards the Sect Leader and the elders for the past two days. He kept shouting and complaining, making it seem like they were his subordinates. His actions had definitely made Sect Leader Theon and the other elders feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

However, they knew that they couldn't do anything about it. Dwayne was the one who really had a say in the Flaming Sun Valley. What was more, his cultivation base was also very strong, so Sect Leader Theon and the elders didn't dare to fight against him. They could only pretend as if they had not heard a thing he said and let everything slide.

"Sect Leader Xiang, now that you are not willing to deal with this matter, why don't you leave it to us, the Blood Wolf Team? I'll just take it as a personal matter between the Blood Wolf Team and Austin.

It's so easy for us to find and kill someone in the Violet Orchid Empire. In fact, we have n

that he met them.

He was especially grateful for Herbert. Though he usually cared a lot about money, whenever something big happened, he would always stick to his brothers and help them. He knew how to put the people he cared about first.

"Well, it seems that I cannot get away with it easily this time."

Thinking silently for a few moments, Austin made up his mind.

He took out his Space Ring from his pocket.

Then from the Space Ring, he took out two other more. Recently, Austin had gained a lot of great quality Space Rings. He had always wanted to give Evan and Herbert a Space Ring each, but he just hadn't found the right time until now.

He reached out and gave Evan and Herbert one Space Ring each.

They were just two ordinary martial artists in the Sun Sect and were neither powerful nor talented. They might even be below an average martial artist. Also, since they were not very skilled, they never had the chance to use a Space Ring. Owning one and even holding it on their arms made them very excited. They kept staring at the rings and were very eager to figure out how to use them.

Seeing how excited Evan and Herbert were, Austin taught them how to use the Space Ring. After several minutes of training, they finally learned how to use it.

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