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   Chapter 299 A Lone Wolf Walks Into The Flock Of Sheep (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6851

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In a flash, the youth in red was blown sky-high and over the wall into the distance.

When the dust settled down, he was nowhere to be seen, and quite understandably dead.

"David Hou! He cut off David Hou's arm," shouted one of the disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley. "Disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley, come on, we have to avenge David Hou!"

"How dare you kill a member of the Blood Wolf Team! Everybody, go get him and let's tear him apart!"

With these words and shouts, the people in the yard started to rush forward and surround Austin, intending to attack him together.

"Tin, I'll help you," Evan cried.

"Tin, I'm ready to risk everything today!" Herbert exclaimed.

Seeing Austin under siege, they ran in and stood by Austin's side. They had made up their mind to fight with him, instead of backing down and leaving him alone to face the crazy mob.

"If both of you don't want to drag me down, get out of here. Go as far and as fast as you can!" Austin yelled.

Giving them these instructions, he moved as fast as lightning. He grabbed Evan and Herbert and threw them out through the front gate.

At present, Evan and Herbert were between level six and seven of Energy Gathering Realm.

While Austin was at the premium stage of Earth Realm. The Wind-commanding Skill gave him an unpredictable bodily movement skill. He did not want them to risk their lives for him. They would slow him down in the fight which he was sure he could win alone.

Before Evan and Herbert could figure out what was happening, they were in the air and were flying out of the gate.

They exchanged glances, feeling embarrassed at being expelled out by Austin.

"Er... Evan, Tin's cultivator base is probably higher than that of those stewards in the sects," stated Herbert. "We will be a liability on him by being there with him. So let's forget about helping him."

When Austin saw Evan and Herbert had landed outside safely, he performed the Illusory Swordsmanship.

In the face of a simultaneous siege by many peo

Blood Wolf Team also appeared in the Sun Sect and came for me. Did they also have the permission of the sect's leadership?

That means, the sect's leadership has allowed the people from the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team to enter the Sun Sect and find Evan and Herbert. It is under the guidance of the Sun Sect's disciples that they came in and wanted to pressurize Evan and Herbert to tell them about my whereabouts.

Does the Sun Sect's leadership also think that I'm guilty?

Those inner disciples of the Sun Sect claimed that they were sent by Jaime. Could this be Jaime's plot?'

Austin probed his brain for a proper answer but couldn't figure it out. He was baffled by the turn of events.

'The fact that the people from the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team came to the Sun Sect means that the present situation is very unfavorable for me. If the sect's leadership believed and sided with those two sects, and if they think that it was all my fault and want to punish me, I would be too weak to face it all. I would be left without any support.'

Austin's fear was not an impossibility. After all, if Jaime, an Elder of the sect, wanted to place obstacles in his way and kill him, he could easily influence the leadership of the Sun Sect. Then they would probably agree and decide that Austin deserved to be punished.

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