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   Chapter 298 A Lone Wolf Walks Into The Flock Of Sheep (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7183

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The young man from the Flaming Sun Valley snapped at Austin. His eyes were fixed on his target, while his hands were quietly pulling out a long sword from its sheath. The sword blazed with a criss-cross of fierce sword aura. It was like the summer sunset when the sun seemed to breathe out hot air or like the sun overhead at noon exuding unbearable heat that could burn down all things. Brandishing it in the air, he swung his sword straight at Austin.

As soon as he made his move, the flowers and trees in the yard started to blacken and wilt by the heat his sword released. Even before the long sword touched Austin, its sword aura, sword intent and sword-light had become omnipresent. It tightly enveloped Austin.

Feeling the radiating power of the vital energy force accompanying the move, Austin realized that the young man's cultivation base of vital energy was at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

He was able to judge from the sword intent attached to the move that his opponent had already achieved a level two sword intent.

Moreover, according to his brilliant move with the sword, Austin comprehended that the young man's sword skill had to be of a high-grade. He was quite a strong rival.

He belonged to the Flaming Sun Valley which was second only to the Peripatetic Sect among the five major sects of the Violet Orchid Empire. The comprehensive strength of the disciples of this sect was really extraordinary.

While the young man was attacking Austin with his sword from the front, another youth in red, who had been standing behind Austin for a long time and hadn't said any word, jerked his hand at Austin. His palm was peculiar, looking bright red like a huge drop of blood. It was glowing and spread red hue all over the place. In the blood-red light, there were countless wronged souls desperately wailing and crying for help.

"Tin, watch your back!"

Evan and Herbert cried out in unison.

What they didn't know was that the moment the youth in red started his action, Austin saw clearly every move made by the youth through his spiritual sense.

The cultivation base of vital energy of the you

ut like a fountain.

On the other hand, the youth in red was horrified to see Austin behave as if nothing had happened in spite of his attack from behind. He could not believe what he saw.

'Is this man's body made of iron?' he thought in shock.

'My Bloody Palm has killed many cultivators of the Earth Realm. How did this guy take in the attack so easily? It looks like nothing happened after he was hit!'

It was one of his best moves, and he had thought he could bring death to Austin with that single move. When his first blow had no effect on Austin, he ended up losing half his momentum instantly.

Austin cast an icy cold glance at his attacker. Then, with a move of his will, a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle was unleashed.

Austin's spiritual sense could be released across a distance of 900 meters, which was more than twice as strong as it had been earlier.

Clearly, with the enhancement of his spiritual sense, his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle had been greatly strengthened, becoming much stronger than ever before.

The youth in red suddenly felt an unbearable and shooting pain in his head.


Overwhelmed by the terrible pang that hit him, he put his hands on his head and stumbled.

Austin certainly wasn't going to let him go. He made a move and swung his fist which was loaded with 8, 000 pounds of great force. The fist landed on the chest of the youth like a cannonball.

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