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   Chapter 297 Austin Came Back (Part Two)

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The aura he gave came naturally to a cultivator of his power and he didn't have to make an effort for this.

Slowly, the voices in the yard began to lower down as they felt oppressed in his presence.

"You were slapping them really hard just now. Tell me the truth. Is Jaime Luo the one who put you up to it? Is he the perpetrator?"

Austin asked as he stated at the disciple who had slapped Evan and Herbert.

The disciple could not help quivering in fear as if he was at the receiving end of a wild beast's gaze.

"Austin, how dare you speak the name of Elder Luo! And yeah! He ordered us that we must capture you on sight without giving you a chance. You'd better let us tie you up without a fight. Are you really gutsy enough to offend the Elder of our Sun Sect?"

As he was speaking, courage seemed to return to the disciple when he mentioned Jaime. That was a name he could lean on.

'Okay. It is true that Jaime is doing something, '

Austin thought.

"Ha ha! Are you scared?" The disciple laughed, "If you really are smart enough, you will tie yourself up and follow us to see Elder Luo. You're going to have to kneel down in front of him to beg for his forgiveness. Maybe he will not kill you if you are lucky enough and he is in a good mood," he mocked, since he could see that Austin had become quiet when he had mentioned Elder Luo.

The disciple felt he had found a way to defeat Austin and started to speak loudly.

"Oh? It that true? I am not sure whether I can obtain the forgiveness of Elder Luo. But I am sure about one other thing. You, will not get my forgiveness!"

Austin said as he stared at the disciple with a dangerous gaze.

Finishing his sentence, he started to exert a small part of his strength.



The sound of a bone cracking and the disciple's pained scream were heard the same time.

His right arm had been broken suddenly a

these inner disciples as easily as flying a paper plane. His reactions were quick and he finished with all of them very soon.

Very soon, more than ten of those inner disciples were lying on the ground and crying in pain. They couldn't even stand up now.

Finally, only two groups of people could be seen standing in the yard.

The inner disciple, who was being slapped by Evan and Herbert, was also thrown away by Austin very easily.

Then he heard the sound of clapping from someone

in the yard.

A young man walked over to Austin. He was about twenty years old and his eyes gave off a dangerous gaze.

"Good. You're really good! Among so many powerful disciples of the Sun Sect, it is really rare to see someone of your strength.

No wonder you were able to kill the grandson of the Senior Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley. Now we can see what you are relying on is your physical strength.

It really is a great pity that you have to die since you have offended our Valley!

Hmph! Time to die!" the young man said and started his attack.

'The Flaming Sun Valley?

They are from the Flaming Sun Valley. It seems that they have finally come to know the fact that I killed Raymond, ' Austin told himself.

Now he felt a bit troubled.

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