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   Chapter 296 Austin Came Back (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6681

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The day was sunny but the sky was still a bright shade of blue. A lone figure could be seen moving swiftly among the mountains and hills.

The mountains that surrounded this area stretched in all directions and looked fantastic even from a distance. Among those peaks, a huge one stood higher than all the others and touched the clouds. This impressive place was the host to Sun Sect and therefore, this particular mountain was called as the Sun Mountain.

Austin had spent most of his life in the Sun Mountain and he was recalling his childhood days right now.

Obviously, he regarded this place as his home and was very anxious to return.

When his eyes fell upon the mountain which had been his home, his pace quickened in anticipation.

Very soon, he reached the mountain.

Since he had not seen Evan and Herbert for a long time now, Austin decided to go to their place first and to see how things were at their homes.

Also, he had not been in contact with the disciples of his own team for a long time as well. He needed to check up on them too.

Although he had set up his own team on a mere whim, his disciples were still loyal to him and he thought he should be nice to them.

It didn't take him long to get to the house where Evan and Herbert were residing. Austin had gotten it from Marvin after he had defeated him publicly.

Since he had become a principal disciple now and moved to a cave, he had asked Evan and Herbert to move into this house.

However, as soon as Austin stepped near the yard gate of the house, he sensed that something was wrong.

There were too many strangers in the yard right now.

Judging by their clothes, some of them were disciples of Sun Sect but others seemed to be from somewhere else.

"You two bastards! You're no better than pigs and dogs. Come on, tell us quickly! Where is that coward, Austin, huh? Where has he hidden himself? He's like a tortoise you know! Only we can't find the shell!" Austin heard a voice.

had been qualified to be promoted to the rank of a principal disciple, and almost everyone in Sun Sect knew his face now.

So that disciple who tried to slap Austin recognized Austin as soon as he saw Austin's face.

"It's Austin! Austin's come back!"

There was immediate hubbub in the yard

like water kept in a pot had finally started to boil. Some of the disciples, scared witless of Austin, slid away quietly.

Everyone stared at Austin. A moment ago, they had all been focused on Evan and Herbert and none of them had noticed when Austin had slipped inside.

"Tin, you came back!"

Evan and Herbert shouted delightedly.

"Is that Austin? Kill him! Now!"

The disciples started to shout.

Austin's gaze swept at those people like sword radiance. As soon as his eyes would reach someone else's, the latter would lower his gaze and would not dare to look him in the eye.

Everyone had the feeling that Austin's strength was higher than they could imagine right now.

Austin now gave off an aura of power naturally since he had reached the premium stage of the Earth Realm and his body had successfully practiced the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. Added to that was his mastership of the fourth level sword intent and the fact that his spiritual sense had greatly improved.

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